Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thank You Sarah

So me and my boy have Thursday just us, Isabella heads to daycare and we do our "thing". With swimming off for the holidays (I miss having to wear my swim suit in public. NOT.) we headed for a library run and then a babycino and then the normal post office, bank, butcher, baker. But what did I find??? A surprise present in my post box... and the best kind of present, something crafty! My good friend Sarah has had some website problems that I've been fixing up for her and she sent me this as a thank you...

(Image from Fishpond)

Just what I hinted at back here to hubby for. How spoilt am I??. Thank you Sarah. I picked up a yummy cake for my afternoon tea while Liam is napping and then I'll be perched on the couch with coffee and reading it cover to cover making mental notes what to make first.

I feel my sew-jo returning in a rush. I've spotted a few things I want to make. I feel the urge to buy fabric. I'm looking at patterns of pretty dresses for Isabella. Hmmm I feel the urge to sew.

PS. Checkout Sarah's website here. Warning it may do some damage to your credit card.

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PinkLizzy said...

Oh! What a cool gift! I'd love to get that book.