Monday, June 30, 2008

Pleated Bag

With my leftover Amy Butler fabric from MIL's quilt, I wanted to make myself something and this morning I came across this tutorial for a pleated bag. Didn't it come up nice? I'm very happy with it.

Happy Birthday Poppy & Unkie Russ

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Saturday morning we headed off to Fox Studios markets. They have the yummiest food and Isabella loves the round-a-bout.

Saturday night was Poppy's 65th and Unkie Russ' 30th birthday dinner. Everything went to plan and dinner was yummy. Poppy loved his birthday presant and was very surprised.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Like mother like daughter

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We like to cook together, so now we have matching aprons... Pattern is from here

Off to test them tomorrow when I cook dinner for my dad's 65th birthday... on the menu:

Entree: Coconut, lime, chicken and prawn soup
Main: Pepper crusted salmon with asian greens with oyster sauce
Side: Rosemary baked potatoes (Isabella would live on potatoes if you let her, potatoes and rice. No carb-free diets for this little princess!)
Dessert: Chocolate birthday cake, which has just come out of the oven to be covered in chocolate icing tomorrow.

Don't know how I managed to volunteer myself to cook for everyone, but at least I got to pick the menu and chose things I can make blind-folded.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Productive Day

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While waiting between work downloads/uploads/email replies, I achieved some sewing today.

An apron for Isabella to use with her new oven and mixer she got for her birthday from her Nanna and Pa. The pattern is from here and just adjusted to her size. A matching one for Mummy is almost finished being cut up.

This is the Ottobre "Polka Dot Blouse" from 1/2008 version 2. I made it wider and longer but left the sleeves the same. Excuse the popcorn in the photo, the only way to keep a rowdy 3-year old still for MORE photos. Now it fits her like the illustration in the magazine fits the "model". I had to increase the width quite a bit, I think 1.5 inches each side. Happy now... on to the next Ottobre pattern.

And today Liam got his first taste of sandwich and also vegemite. He is always eyeing off Isabella's sandwiches and got to munch on one of her crusts she decided she could part with. Boy she must love her brother to part with a crust, I can't even get a bite normally.

I didn't get around to posting a picture of the presants I made for Isabella's birthday last week.

A new tutu. I just whinged this one, no pattern.

A cupcake drawing with some scrap cupcake material as the border.

A princess drawing, still needing her border. Isabella recieved a mirror and some hangers to go in her room with this little princess on them so I copied her from that so it matches.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

EB Softie Swap

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On Monday I showed off our softie for the Essential Baby softie swap (now named "Fishy" by her new owners over here. Yesterday before we took Nanna back to the airport to fly home to Victoria we made a stop at the post office to be greated by a big post bag. So off to the cafe for a milkshake for the Princess and a coffee for Mum & Nanna to open and here she is...

Isn't she beautiful! Once we opened her up Isabella took her around to everyone in the cafe (including the staff) and showed them her "frog with an apron on". Then started singing "Mr Frog jumped out of the pond one day and found himself in the rain...". I just love the material, especially the apron, but I do seem to have a soft spot for Amy Butler fabrics! I think I'll have to order some of this next time I order from the US.

Also inside was a gorgeous ball, with a bell inside, which Liam has taken to as you can see.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ottobre Blouse

From my new Ottobre Kids 1/2008, the "Polka Dot Blouse" on page 12. I did it in a size 104, but I think I'll need to make the next size up in the tops for Isabella, she is so long in the body. It has gathered arm and neck and I love the little bow tie to do up around the neck. I have 2 of my Ottobre magazines now from my 5 issue subscription and so many nice things to make!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Softie Challenge

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Introducing my effort for the EB Newie Softie Challenge. He/she is from the Under the Sea pattern from Melly & Me and has made his/her way here to Sophie.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess

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On Thursday the Princess is 3... She had a lovely day we

Opened presants..

Had breakfast at our local cafe where she ates oodles of bacon and sausages..

And had a play at the park.. A 3 year olds perfect kind of day.

Today we had her birthday party with a whole big bunch of friends and even some family came from interstate (Nanna from Victoria and Cousins from Queensland).
They had morning tea with scones, Apple muffins, starshape sandwiches, fruit platter, vegies and dip, and a sausage sizzle..

And of course, the birthday cake/s..

Played pin the cherry on the cupcake..

And got to hand paint a cup each to take home as their thank yous..

And chased the "Colin Monster" around (he should hire himself out to parties!)..

They also got a reusable sandwich wrap each as a thank you which had a teapot or teacup cookie inside.. (The wraps came from this tutorial)

Bella received many beautiful presants from everyone. Her main presant from Mummy & Daddy was a "new" dolls house.

When I was about 3 my Poppy made me a dolls house. I LOVED it and played with it all the time. I never let my Mum & Dad throw it away in their moves, and after 20 odd years it was looking pretty "shabby". Not the good "shabby chic" though. So for her birthday we did a renovation.

Before & After

Decked out with furniture from Mummy & Daddy and Nanny & Poppy.

Friday, June 20, 2008

MIL's Quilt


All finished...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thanks for visiting

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Gee people do love a tutorial or two don't they :-). Hello to everyone who is popping by the checkout the tutorial list I posted last week. In the past 8 days it looks like over 520 visitors found their way over here... wow! That's more people than I think I've ever met :-) Don't forget to say hello ... Oh and I am adding to it as I stumble across more tutorials.

Another Headband


Whipped up this afternoon in the madness of swimming, making a quilt and finishing Isabella's Thank You's for her party. Off to the post office tomorrow on it's way here to Isabelle. I hope she likes it! Reversible with a dusty pink one side and a pretty purple the other.

Tomorrow is our Princess' 3rd birthday and we have a fun day planned. Daddy is home with us for the day so I think an outing for breakfast is required (she does LOVE bacon and sausages), then a play, pickup Nanna from the airport and over to Nanny & Poppy's for the afternoon. Bella's favourite dinner, pizza, is on order for dinner. I think she'll be having a great day!