Monday, June 9, 2008

MIL Quilt ... WIP

So it's MIL's birthday soon. Very soon. In fact she is here visiting from Ballarat next Thursday for Isabella's birthday. So today I asked Dean what should we get your mum? You know what he said?? "Why not make a quilt". Now I know the man knows how busy we are around here with work and birthdays etc. etc. so what makes him suggest this?? Now of course I made one for MY mum for mother's day, so I HAVE to make his mum one or I'll just feel bad.

So I have wasted MANY hours finding material and patterns etc. all afternoon and came up with this. I finally found all the fabric at one shop, and got all the way to the end to find the freight was $50. Basically more than the fabric was. Now to find the material somewhere else or try figure out a new combination... my brain hurts.

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