Wednesday, June 27, 2012


After my long knitting project (well long for me) of my cardigan, some quick knits were called for, and the outcome was a bunch of lovely warm hats.

Pattern: Earflap Hat For Kids by Knittwittz (raveled here)
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Rue and Dusty Sage
Was for Eva... she refused to wear it so it's been gifted to her friend that DOES wear hats

Pattern: Cherub Cheeks beanie by Amanda Tipton (raveled here)
Yarn: Moda Vera Cardellino
For Eva's buddy

Pattern: Molly's hat (raveled here)
Yarn: Panda Machinewash 8ply Crepe 
My first attempt in Fair Isle and it's lovely and it's MINE!

Pattern: Versatile Earflap (raveled here)
Yarn: Moda Vera Cardellino
For Isabella

Pattern: Versatile Earflap (raveled here)
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
For Liam

I also finished off a pair of fingerless mittens... perfect for typing or sewing but keeping the hands warm!

Pattern: Simple Fingerless Mitts (raveled here)
Yarn: No idea, an 8ply gifted from Mum

I had to modify the pattern for these to work, after working the first mitt as per the pattern, the bind off was far too loose and the thumb too long. In the end, after knitting up 2.5 mitts to get 2 useable ones, I'm happy... Now we are all geared up for the cold.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More fabric

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My fabric shopping from last month has almost all been cut into, a few new dresses and one of my first Renfrews. Only a couple of pieces are left which Im not 100% sure what I'll make with them, I think I need to find some new patterns for those. So today, while Daddy was working from home, I left Liam with him to play and Eva and I hit the Tessuti sale and the 2-for-1 Remnant Warehouse Tuesday.

2.6m Cotton = $3.80

2m light grey, 2m dark grey and 2m navy blue knit = $3.00 each

1.6m brown check cotton and 1.6m grey and brown stripe knit from Tessuti, $23.50 each

The knits will most likely become more Renfrew tops, they are such a comfortable pattern (which I am yet to blog about), and the brown check I want for a dress of "some" kind but my pattern stash is pretty bare so I'm checking out blogs and the new releases from Vogue etc. for some inspiration. The black and white I have enough for my Lisette Traveller dress, but I dont know if the print will work. I have 1/2 made a Traveller, but the fabric is just wrong. A bit too heavy and a bit too much stretch. I might persist making it and see how it goes, but I suspect it will end up in the unworn pile.

So, on my "maybe" list of patterns:

Vogue 8805 

Butterick 5786.. 
(love the shape, but I think it would need a flowy material to look anything like this made up)

Butterick 5770

Vogue 1027

Butterick 5454

I'm still undecided... suggestions appreciated! Do you have an absolute favourite top or dress pattern I should look at??

Convertible Cowl

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Pattern: Convertible Cowl (raveled here)
Yarn: Cleckheaton Country Naturals 1800 8ply

4 balls of lonely Country 8ply given to me from Mum with not alot of options of what projects I have in my Ravelry queue that I could use them, I decided to find a new project, and something for me. A quick check at the popular projects in Ravelry and I shortlisted down to the Convertible Cowl pattern. Just the right amount of yarn for the project and now I'm nice and cosy warm.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tova... again

Pattern: Tova by Wiksten

My fourth Tova, hot off the sewing machine this morning, this time in a cotton from  fast becoming a winter staple with jeans and boots and on the extra cold days, a scarf..

Photo by persistent son.

Now I have one in linen, voile, a dress version and this cotton one. You would think I would be sick of these tops, but I'm really wanting another dress version, slightly longer than my last one in a nice thick wool.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Yesterday my oldest turned seven. seven. How has it been seven years since her little smooshy face appeared and changed our lives forever. 

Now she is a big sister, a friend to many, a school kid, a dancer, a swimmer, a lego-builder extraordinaire, a giggler, a book reader, and many more.

Happy Birthday Isabella Jessica. We all love you.

Cake inspired from here

Monday, June 18, 2012


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Not even feeling terribly sick and achy could keep me away from Craft Group this morning. Its always fun and I knew if I just got myself there I'd forget half my head felt like it had met with a freight train yesterday afternoon. A morning of cake, a hilarious pom pom making class from Mel and a perfect birthday present from the Craft Queen certainly did help.

I had all intentions to get to Finders Keepers a couple of weeks back, with a little ceramic dish from Paper Boat Press high on my wish list, for next to my bed to place my wedding rings at night. I didn't end up making it, so to open my present from Kristen and find inside was beautiful.

and to top it off, on the way a quick stop at Jules has set me up with some gorgeous yarn for my next few knitting projects.

Rowan Silky Tweed in 761 for a Like Sleeves : Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk in DK for a HINE : Rowan Silky Tweed in 760 for a TAMA

A little bit of shopping always makes you feel a bit better when your sick, right?

Monday, June 11, 2012

in threes cardigan

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Pattern: in threes: a baby cardigan by Kelly Herdrich (raveled here)

Yarn: Lush Yarn 50% Merino 50% Silk Lt Worsted (no longer available)

The Good: Simple, seamless short sleeve cardigan with a lovely detail on the neck and sides. I had two not quite whole balls of this beautiful Lush Yarn that my Mum gave to me after finishing a cardigan for Isabella, and with such a small amount it meant something short sleeved for Eva with stripes. I've used this yarn a couple of times before in a gold and brown colorway, and I'm so sad this company is no longer around because it is definitely my favourite to knit with. It is so soft yet warm, and never needs blocking. Now I have used up every last scrap I had, I'll have to find a new favourite, perhaps something else with merino and silk. Back to the pattern.. it's easy to follow with pretty details and clear instructions including quick explanations of the abbreviations.. always good to refer to when your mind draws a blank.

The Bad: I made the 2/3T size, and while Eva is just 14months and it does fit, if I had any yarn left over I would have made it longer than the pattern calls from. I do like tops and cardigans that go past the waist though. The pattern does go up to a 4/5T, but while working the pattern I saw that the sizes 18-24 months, 2T/3T and 4T/5T are all the same cast on, sleeve size, and very similar in length and chest size. I haven't made them yet, but just guessing, there is no way the sizing is going to work for Eva for the next 3-4 years if she grows like her big brother and sister.

Modifications: For the striping, I completed the "Garter Yoke" section of the pattern in colour A (the pink) and then swapped colour B at the begining of the "Cap Sleeve" section and continued as per the pattern swapping colours every 2 rows. I completed the garter row finishing in just colour B (the yellow).

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vitamin D


Pattern: Vitamin D by Heidi Kirrmaier (ravelry link)

Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic in 5ply in Silver Twist

The good: A beautifully written pattern with pretty YOs through the body, easy for nightime knitting on the couch without constantly referring to the pattern. The shape at the front is lovely (although mine needs more blocking) and no need for a border around the neck so no picking up 1000 stitches at the end. I started making the large based on my measurements but after working the neck a little I increased up to the next size, I like my cardigans loose and  now it fits really well.

The bad: Knitting in 5 ply is slow. Knitting an adult sized cardigan in 5 ply is painfully slow. OK that's nothing to do with the pattern or the yarn being "bad", but what was I thinking picking an adult pattern that used 5ply yarn? I'm happy now that it's done, it needs the thin yarn for the drape, but gees halfway through I did wonder what I was doing and felt like I would be knitting for possibly a year. While knitting up, the yarn felt a bit scratchy, not like what I am used to with Bendigo's yarn, and I have used their Classic 5 ply before so it might have something to do with the twist in it, but now it's finished it is much better, very warm and I'm hoping after a proper wash it will come up even softer.

Modifications: Nothing, I thought I might need to add some length to the arms or body but I didn't.

After taking a month of knitting here and there days and nights, the first thing I cast on was a beanie... nothing like a quick knitting project to work on.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wiksten Tank #2

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Pattern: Wiksten Tank

Fabric: Satin from Spotlight

The good: My second Wiksten tank and another instant love. Worn yesterday with black jeans, brown boots and a long grey cardigan and I got so many compliments about my top I think I might just make another. The pattern is available for download for just US$8.50, and it is so so worth it. I used cotton pre-made binding, trying to make binding out of the satin would have been near impossible. Fits perfectly, nice and loose and great length.

The bad: Nothing.

Modifications: Nothing.

I've started being a bit more choosie (so not a word) about which patterns I decide to buy. Its the basics that I find myself wanting, things that I can make again and again and this tank is one of them. So is the Tova top/dress for that matter also by Wiksten and I have just ordered the Sewaholic Renfrew top which I can see so many different versions appearing in my wardrobe.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Festival of Play Brickworks

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As a child, my most loved toy was lego. I loved designing and constructing pieces, especially buildings over and over again. Its been 50 years since lego became available in Australia and to celebrate, the Festival of Play is on all year. Missing out on seeing the lego garden last month (sheesh it was a wet day), with a pupil free day on today, the three munchkins and I headed into the city to see the ten displays on Macquarie Street from different artists. Their favourite was the Octopus...

The displays are only up until the 7th June, but they will be heading to the Powerhouse Museum after that and since we have a family pass we will definitely head into the museum to check them out again, this time with Daddy.

Colette Sorbetto


Pattern: Colette Sorbetto

Fabric: Cotton remnant from Spotlight

The Good: What is not to like about a good fitting, basic tank style top? And the pattern is free. The sizing is spot on, although I did the next size up in length, but I like long tops. The pleat down the front makes it a bit different to all my other tank style stops, and I love the print of this fabric. The pattern's fabric requirements are 1.4m, however excluding the binding I got mine out of 70cm of 60" fabric. For the binding I used a 15"x15" square and followed the continuous binding tutorial on the Collette site.

The Bad: My attempt at making my own binding #312 was another failure. Ok that was a bit harsh, it wasn't a total failure but I should have gone with the pre-made binding, it's just so much crisper and perfectly straight compared to mine, but being that I made it out of the same fabric as the top, it doesn't look bad.

Modifications: None. For finishing my seams I used the overlocker.

On the Collette blog there is a tutorial for making it with a scalloped hem which I think looks sweet and also how to make it without the pleat.


Over the weekend I had a bit of a buff and polish of 'ye ole blog. The tutorials page has been added up the top as well as a few changes to the page. There is also a new memes page for the sew a longs I have done. Im not one to check my stats but with the new blogger interface its easy to see and caught my eye last week. I'm still surprised how many visits I get, especially since I get only a couple of comments here and there, but the tutorials pages are still very popular. I plan on updating these a bit with some new tutorials I have found so if you see any great tutorials, send them to me or just leave a comment with a link.. I love getting comments.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tutorials: Adult Clothes

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Colette Sorbetto Shirred Pillowcase Top
Our Fave Top Spring Ruffle Top
Batwing Top Circle Knit Top

Kirsten Kimono Tee


Tutorials: Accessories

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For In Your Bag

New Look 6697 #2

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Pattern: New Look 6697

Fabric: Knit from Spotlight

Last time I made this dress I loved the fabric. I loved the fit. Except the chest. It gaped. Embarrassingly so. Eventually a few weeks ago I threw it out after a couple more attempts to wear it with a top underneath, but it just didnt sit right on the bust. So I decided to make another, this time using a grey knit from Spotlight.

The Good: The construction is easy, especially with this jersey instead of the slippery stuff I used last time. The sleeve version with small pleats is really nice detail.

The Bad: Instead of cutting out and just sewing it all together, I sewed the top half and the bottom halves together and then pinned the cross at the front and kept trying on and adjusting before I finally was happy that I wasn't going to be showing the hold world my chest and then sewed. Unfortunately by the time is was the right size across my chest, I have lost most of the looseness of the design around the waist. I haven't worn it yet, it's still sitting in the wardrobe waiting to be worn. I think one problem is this fabric isn't quite stretchy enough... maybe I'll try again. Or maybe I'll just give up on this pattern and try another wrap-style dress.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Uptown Baby


Fabric: It's a Hoot Plaid Check in Pistachio and Sherbet Pips

The Good: Eva needed a nice warm coat for this bitterly cold Autumn we have had, and this certainly is warm. Needing only just over 1m of fabric for each side, it was perfect for attacking my stash and using the pretty Sherbet Pips fabric which I had kept for something for Eva. The sizing is spot on, the size one is perfect on Eva with enough length to grow a little and plenty of length in the sleeves, hence why they are rolled up. The construction is very basic, and an easy one to sew in one afternoon. I love that it is reversible. Being all cotton fabric, a simple throw in the washing machine and it comes up good as new minus the smooshed banana.

The bad: The pattern calls for 2m of H630 interfacing, and with a pretty limited interfacing stash I took to google to find some to order online. The first couple of online shops had it for $19 a METRE. There was no way I was spending $40 on just interfacing. After a quick Twitter post, and a suggestion from Kate (thanks Kate!), the interfacing idea was scrapped and I used some lovely low loft bamboo quilt batting I had. I just cut one of each piece again, then basted to the Sherbet Pips fabric. It is now so cozy warm. So other than the price of the required interfacing, the only other bad side was the instructions, they are very basic, but easy to work with.

Modifications: Just swapping the interfacing for the quilt batting. I made this a few weeks ago now and I vaguely remember I also topstitched somewhere that it didn't mention too... helpful, right?