Friday, June 28, 2013

Oliver & S School Days Jacket

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A day last week I decided to delve into a big project. Ive been working non-stop and decided to enjoy a couple of hours away from email and sit down to finally work on a nice jacket for Eva. Oliver & S School Days Jacket Oliver & S School Days Jacket
The grey italian wool is from Tessuti a few years ago, and bought specifically for an Oliver & S School Days jacket. Originally for Liam, but with him now at school he doesn't get much wear out of his jackets so I decided to use it for Eva instead since she should get a couple years wear out of it.

I have made this jacket once before, and this one turned out just as well, such a classy little jacket and beautiful details.
Oliver & S School Days jacket Oliver & S School Days jacket Oliver & S School Days jacket Oliver & S School Days jacket Oliver & S School Days jacket

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fat Meow

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Fresh off the needles, a Fat Kitty jumper... or as Eva likes to call it her "meow" jumper.

Fat Kitty Fat Kitty
Worn for a whole 30 seconds before spilling something on it... not a model this one. Fat Kitty
... nor was she impressed with having her photo taken at 8.30am.

I made up the size 4, and it fits perfectly, but then she does normally wear a size 3, so Im not sure we will get 2 years out of it as intended. But the yarn was only $4 from Spotlight, so can't complain about the price.

Pattern: Fat Kitty by Justine Turner (ravelry link)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Whatever-they-are-called pants

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Some call them Sareoul, some Harem, some remember them as MC Hammer pants or parachute pants... whatever they actually are, these are quick, comfy and perfect for a groovy small person.

Especially for dancing.Sareoul pants Sareoul pants Sareoul pants Sareoul pantsPattern: You Call it Pants by Suburbia Soup (free for 18M, 2/3T (Eva's size) and a 4T)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

And then she was 8....

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A week long extravaganza to celebrate my biggest Miss turning 8. Dinner with Grandparents, cupcakes at school, a night out in the city with Nanny & Mummy, and finally today an Art birthday party with 5 of her closest girlfriends... and gathering what seems to be a whole village (10!) Monster High dolls as presents from everyone.
And then she was 8....
Dressed up as Clawdeen WolfAnd then she was 8....
Ice cream cake with the family Birthday night
The Westin City, our home for Friday night
Breakfast at Mosaic in Westin Sydney
Westin Sydney
And then she was 8....
Setting the table for her art party And then she was 8....
Decorating canvas with Butterflys And then she was 8....
DIY Cupcakes And then she was 8.... And then she was 8....And then she was 8....

and now she is 8... and Im wondering how that happened so quickly.