Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cockatoo Island

This weekend we travelled to Cockatoo Island as part of Liam's birthday. Just me, Bella, Liam and my Mum travelled over by ferry and spent two days exploring the island's old buildings, tunnels and sights and the kids had their first camping experience.

Cockatoo Island Cockatoo Island Cockatoo Island Cockatoo Island Cockatoo Island Cockatoo Island Cockatoo Island Cockatoo Island Cockatoo Island Cockatoo Island Cockatoo Island Cockatoo Island Cockatoo Island

Saturday, September 28, 2013

6th Birthday

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My boy turned 6 Friday... and he had a marvellous few days to celebrate. Cockatoo Island
On Thursday, he spent the day with his two best buddies, seeing the new Disney Planes movie followed by a playdate and cake. (Of course).
6th Birthday 6th Birthday 6th Birthday
They had so much fun, just as it should be when you have a birthday. He is also adamant he grew overnight.

Deciding to do the whole Disney Planes movie, we went with that theme for his party. I made up some decorations including a party banner, water bottle labels, cupcake toppers and some flags for his thank you's which were plastic test tubes full of jelly beans.. a big hit with the boys.6th Birthday 6th Birthday6th Birthday
On Friday we headed to Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour for a camping (glamping) adventure... lots of beautiful photos from that one and all for another post.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Knitting piles

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Blocking pile
Last week this pile started falling over. My big pile of knits finished and waiting to be blocked and buttons sewn on. A big pile of clothes the kids should really be wearing while they can before it gets too warm or they grow out of them.

A few hours later and some are now ready to be worn Granny's Favourite Cardigan
Pattern: Granny's Favourite (still needing buttons) for Bella
Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 8ply in Bracken
Granny's Favourite Cardigan Granny's Favourite Cardigan Evie JumperPattern: Evie for Bella
Yarn: Nundle Woollen Mills Chaffey Evie Jumper All Over Eyelets
Pattern: All over Eyelets top for Eva
Yarn: Leftover single lonely ball of Bendigo Luxury 5ply
All Over Eyelets
I did modify this pattern to not have the rolling armholes and neck, instead I crocheted a scalloped edge and as always added length.Paulette Top Pattern: Paulette for Eva
Yarn: Patons Emotion 4ply

I must admit, after using this yarn on two different tops, while I LOVE the top pattern and the finished design, the yarn is not a favourite. Both tops were "fluffy" before I even washed them. Another version of this, perhaps in a Cashmerino would be lovely.Paulette Top
And that is half the pile done. The rest need buttons and one cardigan needs some serious blocking.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Puppet Show Shorts

Oliver & S Puppet Show shorts for Eva. I have used this pattern so many times now and like the last few times I made them, I omitted the gathering around the leg hem, leaving them looser which I think is more comfortable for the girls.
Oliver & S Puppet Show Shorts Oliver & S Puppet Show Shorts
I still love the pocket details. Dancing babe Dancing babe
.... but I especially love this little character....

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hanami again

When An from StraightGrain released the Hanami pattern, I was quick to purchase and made one straight away for Eva. So sweet.. An was also running a give way for a copy of the pattern and 1yd fabric from Georgette... and look what arrived in my mailbox last week... yep I was the winner. Awesome.
Georgette fabric Stunning fabric right? I hadn't seen it before, but haven't been browsing fabric stores lately, maybe I need to. Anyway, less than 24 hours in my hot little hands and Bella had her own Hanami.
Hanami Top Hanami Top Zipper back version this time and the ruffle sleeves with lining in a yellow. The only pattern adjustment was a little bit of extra length.

Pattern: Hanami top & dress by StraightGrain
Fabric: Hanami Top Thank you StraightGrain and Georgette!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pink Racerback

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Racerback DressAnother Racerback dress, this time a pink with matching binding for Eva's best little buddy. Ideally, being only a week apart I could use the exact same pattern size I had already traced out for Eva.... bonus
Racerback Dress
I modified the pattern this time to make the back all one piece. Not that there was anything wrong with the other dress, but I was being a tad lazy this morning and I didn't want to have to re-thread my machine which was all ready threaded for top stitching just to gather the top back piece to the bottom. I know SUPER lazy, right? Racerback Dress
I was asked to make two for her buddy, plus Eva could do with another couple for daycare so a bit of a procession line of Racerbacks is now sitting on the table.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Cat in the Hat Dress Up

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Our school's book week is on this week, and while girl dress-ups we have plenty of, boys are restricted to various caped Super Heroes, one Samari Power Ranger and a couple of transforming robots, none of which I really think are "book characters", much to my dear husband insistence that the Super Heroes did first feature in comic "books", we decided on Liam's favourite book character, The Cat in the Hat.
Cat in the Hat Dress Up
Already having the hat which I made for Liam's Dr Seuss 4th birthday party, I drafted up an all-in-one suit in black homespun. I started with a basic tshirt pattern for the bodice, but cut the back in two pieces and included a zipper. The sleeves were drafted for 3/4 length and a facing around the neckline. I extended the bodice to include the legs and pieced the back in two so I could include a tail. The front has a white felt tummy, red felt bow tie sewn on and sewed up some white basic felt gloves.
Cat in the Hat Dress UpEverything came from the stash including the zipper, so I am very happy with his "free" book week costume, and he loves it... Cat in the Hat book week dress up Cat in the Hat book week dress up Cat in the Hat book week dress up Cat in the Hat book week dress up
Cat in the Hat Dress Up

Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer PJs

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While stuck at home waiting for a delivery this morning I got stuck into making some summer PJs for the girls with the knit fabric I picked up a couple of weeks ago.

The pattern I used is Alex & Anna Summer PJs, but I must admit the only thing I used was the pattern pieces, I didn't read ANY of the instructions (bad sewer!). I did read a note about them being a snug fit, and while I went up one size for the girls, they could get away with even an extra size up again, particularly the shorts. Although Bella does say they are comfy.
Summer PJs
Not a model this one... no fixing up that pant leg so it doesn't look wonky, it took 5mins of coaxing as it was to get up off the floor and she only did it when I promised a Charlie & Lola episode... the joys of Friday afternoons aka daycare days when she comes home exhausted and just wants to lay on the lounge with Mummy.Summer PJs Summer PJs
This one however doesn't mind the odd model pose... actually trying to get her to pose "normal" is the hardest part!
Summer PJs
Now my Bella is super-skinny and you can see these are a snug fit so if you do try making them, keep it in mind. I also added a couple inches to the bottom hem of the top for both, but I like long tops on the kids.

So my Spring project list is getting worked through, the Popover dress is cut out for Eva, and only some tees and shorts left to do. Thankfully a quiet Sunday is planned and hopefully I can sneak away to the sewing machine.

Projects Progress
Oliver & S shorts for Eva
Oliver & S popover Sundress-top for Eva
Hanami top for Eva
Hanami dress or Reversible Wrap top for Eva
Anna & Alex Summer knit PJs for Eva
Anna & Alex Summer knit PJs for Bella
Racerback dress for Eva
Banyan tee for Eva
Banyan tee for Bella