Saturday, September 28, 2013

6th Birthday

My boy turned 6 Friday... and he had a marvellous few days to celebrate. Cockatoo Island
On Thursday, he spent the day with his two best buddies, seeing the new Disney Planes movie followed by a playdate and cake. (Of course).
6th Birthday 6th Birthday 6th Birthday
They had so much fun, just as it should be when you have a birthday. He is also adamant he grew overnight.

Deciding to do the whole Disney Planes movie, we went with that theme for his party. I made up some decorations including a party banner, water bottle labels, cupcake toppers and some flags for his thank you's which were plastic test tubes full of jelly beans.. a big hit with the boys.6th Birthday 6th Birthday6th Birthday
On Friday we headed to Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour for a camping (glamping) adventure... lots of beautiful photos from that one and all for another post.

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Ellyn said...

Happy Birthday Liam! Looks like a wonderful celebration as they always are at your house!