Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Isabella


Back when Bella was almost 2 I remember going to a fair with lots of rides including a reverse bungy. She asked us to go on it, but was of course too small and the kind guy running the ride told her she had to be 5. For the past 2 years, turning "5" has been referred too like it is a magical age that when she finally hit it, she would be able to do everything in the world.

So yesterday, when she woke up and came into our bedroom, after first informing me that she would be going to "big" school today since she was now 5 (I probably should have explained the whole going to big school when your 5 a bit better as in not the DAY you turn 5) then with a puzzled look on her face told me that she was now 5 but it didn't really look like her legs had grown that much overnight. It was hard not to giggle but it was such a classic Bella thing to say. She remembers EVERYTHING you tell her,,. for months... for years. Her imagination is constantly ticking over making up stories and games.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Welcome Winter

The weather has cooled down. Sitting under a blanket on the (new) lounge knitting away is where you'll find me almost every evening making the last couple of weeks very productive

Bring it On baby blanket in Pickles Extra Fine Merino in Milk, Latte, Frost and Granite.

Arwen Keyhole Scarf (Ravelry link) in Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran Cotton in Dew (for me, not child who *thinks* it's hers)

Buscke's Best Beanie for a newborn coming next week using Jo Sharp Classic DK in Porcelain with Bendigo Classic 8ply in Smoke and Bendigo Melody in Crimson.

Winter Femme in Bendigo Classic in Smoke

and finished today, a Milo vest for Isabella. I didn't do any cables but added a trim at the bottom by;

P1 row
* YO, K2tog repeat * whole way around
K1 row
P1 row
cast off

The sewing will be back though, I've got two quilts to make as soon as some fabric arrives.

Speaking of the new lounge... LOVE it

Delta Storage II from King Furniture in Viva leather in Cafe colour

Monday, June 7, 2010

Iron Chef 2010

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Last night, Dean & I had a very special date night, attending the fourth Iron Chef dinner at the Hilton Sydney.

Iron Chef Chen and Iron Chef Sakai from the show were accompanied by Chef Haru from Blancharu, Chef Okazaki from Rise, Chef Gary from Hilton and Chef Saeko from Ten to make a six course dinner plus canap├ęs in the Grand Ballroom.

Canapes by Iron Chef Sakai and Chen, Sushi by Sushi Samurai
NV Bridgewater Mill Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay

Chef Sakai

Chef Chen

Chef Sakai's Chilled Seafood on cauliflower mousse with mango dressing
2009 Mt Difficulty Estate Pinot Gris

Chef Okazaki's Tuna tataki, asparagus and lemongrass tomato salsa
Tuna rice paper roll
Tuna tartare with spicy miso in wanton cup
2009 Knappstein 'Three' - Gewurztraminer - Riesling - Pinot Gris

Chef Haru's Spatchcock en croute de sel a la Haru
2008 Stonier Estate Chardonnay

Iron Chef Chen's
Lobster with chili sauce Szechwan style
2006 Argyle 'Reserve' Pinot Noir

Chef Gary's Braised Wagyu veal cheek on green pea & wasabi mash with cabernet jus
2008 Petaluma 'The Hundred Line' Cabernet Sauvignon

Chef Saeko's Smoked chocolate and 'DELAMAIN X.O.FALE&DRY 25YO' mousse, with agar-agar of milk, chocolate anaglaise sauce

A beautiful meal with stunning presentation. The lobster was absolutely a favourite for everyone I spoke to including Meave O'Meara who was sitting at the table next to me and I managed to get enough courage to go and say hello to. She was so lovely, we chatted for a little bit and she signed a menu for my Mum.

A copy of the menu signed by Maeve O'Meara for my Mum

Once in a lifetime dinner and worth every penny. I'll be dreaming about lobster with chili sauce and cauliflower mousse for a long while to come.