Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kiddies Christmas Party

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Our annual all in Mother's Group Christmas party was this morning. The first time in ages we've managed all 10 kids and it was so much fun. This little group have all known each other since they were in their mummy's bellies when we met at our hospital ante-natal classes and have become great friends.

All the kids

Off on a lolly hunt

Super fun in the swimming pool

Little Liam having a ball

Pressie time

Princess Bella's presant from the group

We all are going to sleep well tonight

Dancing Princess

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Isabella's daycare Christmas Concert was yesterday and she had SIX songs to dance and sing to and she did soo well, we were so proud.

Waiting patiently to begin.

Waiting not so patiently.

Posing with Sherri her beloved carer who watched her dance and sing with us. Afterwards she got one of her favourites for lunch as a treat, cucumber sushi.

Taxi Tote Bag

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I got my hands on the Anna Marie Horner book Seams to Me a couple of weeks ago and it is Fantastic.

This is the Taxi Tote from the book made to go with a present for Isabella's main carer at her daycare. The fabric is also from Anna Marie Horner and is one of my faves and it's lined with a pale pink. I hope Sherri likes it.

Eye Spy ... What I want for Christmas

So sadly This Is has finished but Bugandpop has started her own "Eye Spy" for Sundays so I'm joining in for the ride.

This week is Eye Spy What I want for Christmas...

Magazine subscriptions are high on my list of wants this year, Real Living, Instyle and Who are on my list that went to Santa but I'd be happy with anything!

If I had my pick of Etsy I'd get this for my kitchen. But of course with the Aussie dollar so yuck at the moment Etsy buying has pretty much died. Maybe I could attempt to make one myself. Hmm maybe not.

Note: Thanks Betty for the heads up on the super cheap red one at Barter Books, I headed over for a peek and next thing I know a nice bright red one is on it's way to my house! Red was my very first choice but I thought maybe I'd been going a little red crazy lately. What a bargin AUD$15 including postage. Apparently Barter Books were the original printers of these posters in WWII. Since I've bought that now, should I pick something else??

Most of all I'm wanting more of this, snuggles from my babes and a day of fun and the looks on their faces. This is Isabella's first proper Christmas when she's loving Santa and excited about the whole day.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Re-furbished Cans

I've been saving Liam's empty formula cans for "something" and here they are... all dolled up in bright spots for holding pencils, crayons and other kiddie-craft stuff. Pretty happy with the outcome, armed with some Modge Podge which I haven't used before and these rectangles of fabric and voila, it worked! Wonder what else I can "Modge Podge" around here.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas Table Gifts & Cards

Every year we buy a little something for on the Christmas Table. I normally end up coming home with some kind of body cleanser/moisturiser thingy or an address book or something else I just never end up using. So this year this is what we are all going to get...

Little pouches/wallets for Mum, Me & Aunty Clare. These are big/small enough to hold all those excess of cards we seem to accumulate, every shop I walk into seems to have a loyalty card of some kind. They are made from some of my fave Amy Butler fabric and some linen. Isabella will be getting a little purse too, but hers will have cupcakes on it. The guys always gets a Chocolate Orange and yap on about it all year so they'll be getting them.

I've started wrapping Christmas Presents in fear of little people finding things. Well and big people cause Dean is a big SNOOP. Yes I know you read this blog Dean, don't deny it, any bags laying around for more than 60 seconds around here are inspected especially this close to Christmas. The man can SNIFF Christmas presents have entered the house.

My new gift cards, like them? I made them at Mum's on Tuesday. I ended up having to make her a couple of dozen as well. She thought they needed colouring in but I like having just the one little colour accent on them. Plus I have too many to draw to bother colouring them in.

Off to try finishing the top of Isabella's quilt thats for Christmas. If anyone has seen a stack of all sewen up squares wandering around looking lost can you send them home cause I can't find them for the life of me. This is why I normally finish a project in one sitting cause otherwise things just go AWOL when it's weeks between sewing them.

Monday, November 24, 2008

How to Amuse 2 Children for an Afternoon

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Supposed to be a clown. Isabella & Dean were impressed, I think I made her end up looking more like the Joker from The Dark Knight.

Isabella decided Liam should be a bumble bee. He sat still for one and a half stripes.

Taking turns pushing each other as fast as possible in a wooden cart. How there were no tears I will never know, but heck it kept them amused for an hour and laughing hysterically.

Perfect baby-bottom sized seat. He looked pretty comfy.

Thank goodness no one came knocking at the door cause they would have wondered what kind of circus I have running out of our home during the day.

Aunty Cookie Sketchbook Cover

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I bought this super bright and full of cuteness fabric from Aunty Cookie with no idea what to make with it a while ago. The fluro pink and red and cute sayings like "crafting genius" and "you clever thing you" made me do it.

After an upgrade to a new sketchbook needing a new pretty cover, I took scissors to it with tears in my eyes and praying it would all work out because as always, no pattern or measurements with me and no patience to research that kind of thing.

Thankfully it worked. The scrooge in me wanted to savour every last inch of the Aunty Cookie fabric for something else, no idea what that else is but I have fabric if I need it, so I lined it with natural linen.

Family Day

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Hubbies work had the annual Family Day yesterday. We braved the wind and rain and rocked up ready for some fun. Unfortunately with about an hour to go it got canned, it was just too wet and the wind had started blowing furniture around but we still had a great time.

Dean took the kids on the big slide while I manned our position in the queue for coffee. Spots in the coffee line were prime realty because of the cold!

Liam reallly likes corn

Isabella was happy with a cupcake. And 3 sausages. And salad. And a large bread roll. And a banana. And an apple. And biscuits. Where do these children put all this food?

Spotlight Haul

Handed with my spend $100 get $40 off vouchers for Spotlight I headed up Saturday afternoon.

Spot spots and more spots

Soft pink flannel, cupcake fabric and matching ribbon to make another ribbon blanket

Lovely florals

Nice & bright. Check out the little fishes!

And a very funky new rotary cutter

Ssssh, don't tell anyone but I ended up having to use TWO vouchers but I still reckon it was a bargin.

Picnic Roll

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My Mum & Dad love picnics, I remember going on many many picnics as a child and last week we took the kids on one which was lovely. Mum had her big fancy picnic basket full of food and how did she bring the cutlery? In a plastic bag. So I came up with this for them which they'll get at Christmas.

It holds a teaspoon, fork, knife and big spoon and has space to even be a placemat. The spots for the cutlery are big enough to hold two place settings if they are out picnicking with others.

Now to write down all the measurements for everything or if I have to make them again I'll have forgotten.

Friday, November 21, 2008

More Beautiful Shots

Aren't they beautiful shots? To all my family we don't see often the children always act this well behaved and so impecably groomed. To those who we see often please keep the truth to yourself!.

Thank Yous

For some of the lovely ladies who look after the Princess on a Friday. She has grown so attached to these wonderful people and has so much fun every week.

A tote for one.

And zippered pouches for another the others.

I made a matching tissue holder for this one, it is for an extra special lady. Isabella never leaves her side and they spend much of the day one-on-one. At our last parents night we were told "I don't have favourites, but shhhh I really do, I love Belle". I think I could of cried. How sweet, she loves Isabella just as much as Isabella loves her back.

Wrapped and ready.

Plans for fancy gift cards went out the window as it's only an hour before we have to be out the door so I just drew these little guys on in pencil.