Monday, November 24, 2008

Aunty Cookie Sketchbook Cover

I bought this super bright and full of cuteness fabric from Aunty Cookie with no idea what to make with it a while ago. The fluro pink and red and cute sayings like "crafting genius" and "you clever thing you" made me do it.

After an upgrade to a new sketchbook needing a new pretty cover, I took scissors to it with tears in my eyes and praying it would all work out because as always, no pattern or measurements with me and no patience to research that kind of thing.

Thankfully it worked. The scrooge in me wanted to savour every last inch of the Aunty Cookie fabric for something else, no idea what that else is but I have fabric if I need it, so I lined it with natural linen.

1 comment:

Mama de Saga said...

very cute! Yes, you are brave to cut into that fabric without a pattern! I love how you used the linen inside.