Sunday, November 30, 2008

Eye Spy ... What I want for Christmas

So sadly This Is has finished but Bugandpop has started her own "Eye Spy" for Sundays so I'm joining in for the ride.

This week is Eye Spy What I want for Christmas...

Magazine subscriptions are high on my list of wants this year, Real Living, Instyle and Who are on my list that went to Santa but I'd be happy with anything!

If I had my pick of Etsy I'd get this for my kitchen. But of course with the Aussie dollar so yuck at the moment Etsy buying has pretty much died. Maybe I could attempt to make one myself. Hmm maybe not.

Note: Thanks Betty for the heads up on the super cheap red one at Barter Books, I headed over for a peek and next thing I know a nice bright red one is on it's way to my house! Red was my very first choice but I thought maybe I'd been going a little red crazy lately. What a bargin AUD$15 including postage. Apparently Barter Books were the original printers of these posters in WWII. Since I've bought that now, should I pick something else??

Most of all I'm wanting more of this, snuggles from my babes and a day of fun and the looks on their faces. This is Isabella's first proper Christmas when she's loving Santa and excited about the whole day.


Betty said...

If you don't mind red, Barter Books sells the "Keep Calm" poster for a lot less than the Etsy shop you linked to. I paid maybe $11 USD for mine, including shipping.

cindy said...

I love mag subscription, but only if Santa brings me time to read them in peace too.

Betty said...

Yay! Glad you got one!