Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just a minute... In June

I haven't joined a meme in a while so when I spotted the "Just a minute..." over at HoppoBumpo today I scooted over and signed myself up on Jenaveve's blog August Street. My kinda meme, I only need to do it once a month and get to look back on what I have accomplished. That may not always be a good thing.

Anyway... here goes my inaugural Just a minute... for June

Remembering... That four years ago our little Princess was born. This year on her birthday it was fun remembering what we were doing at what time and telling her the story. Well without all the gruesome bits of course.

Making... Cupcakes and cakes a bundle with all the June birthdays we have had. June is not the month to be on a diet.

Watching... MasterChef. Every night. Everyone leave Mummy alone or I am going to baste you, put you in the oven at 190 degrees for 45minutes. I rarely get time to watch a TV series, but this one is fantastic. I dred to think what they are going to replace it with when it sadly comes to an end soon.

Reading... Embarrasingly little. You would never know I used to read oodles of books pre-children. It has been playing on my mind so much lately too, hearing all these great stories people are reading and I think the last book I read that wasn't 6 pages long with an average of 1 sentance per page was probably when I was pregnant 4.5 years ago. Magazines are now my weakness. Real Living, InStyle and the occasional gossip magazine with a coffee on daycare day. One day I'll read again. Maybe when the kids have left home.

Planning... my crafty to do list. I'm a list maker, put it on a list and it'll get done. So there it is, see it over there on the left hand side?... upcoming projects. Since I put my list up just over a week ago I've finished off 4 projects and the lap quilt I started moons ago has only one side left to sew the binding on. Yep that's progress people.

Loathing... HP. My laptop that went away for 5-10 working days has now been gone FOUR AND A HALF weeks and as of yesterday is not expected for another TWO AND A HALF WEEKS. I think they may need to replace the monkeys they have working there. It went it with a simple issue, no diagnostics needed, just a new screen. Apparently a replacement was only ordered late last week. Monkeys I tell you. Hence the lack of posts and pictures around here and boy do I have stuff to show!

Working... Lots. Could be getting more done if the "loathing" thing wasn't happening.

Smiling... for our closest friends who announced a dearly wanted and waited for new baby bundle cooking away. Certainly the highlight in June.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tutorials Update

My tutorials page is still pretty popular and getting lots of visitors each day so I have spent a bit more time adding to it and sorting it into categories. I hope everyone enjoys!

Bags & Stuff for in your Bag

Sewing Room

Pretty Up the Home

Quilts & Bedding

Clothes for Kids & Adults

Softies & Ornaments

Kids Stuff



Tutorials : Others

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Tutorials : Embroidery

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Tutorials : Kids Clothes

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Tutorials : Kids Stuff

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Oh, Fransson's Boxes

The Long Thread's Little Red Riding Hood

Softies - Food


Pimp Stitch's Felt Birdcage Ornament