Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Photos

More of these photos from my very talented friend Tanya.

There's a story why there is a pigeon in this picture. We arrived at the beach and were greeted straight away by this friendly fellow. No problems.

We wandered up and down the beach taking shots and he followed at a distance. No problems.

He let the kids come up and have a good look and say hello to him. No problems.

Took a shining to the kids and started coming right up close to Liam, close enough for a pat and a kiss, which we narrowly avoided. Becoming a problem.

Trying to become the centre of all photos. Houston we have a problem.

Being "shooed" away resulting in kamikazee flying to try and land on us. Abort abort.

Lucky we finished our shots cause we packed our bags and high tailed it out being followed by a crazy piegon, laughing all the way home.


B said...

Are you serious? That is so funny. Glad you didn't get pooped on or anything.

RosaMarĂ­a said...

hey your kids are super beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

Hehe! Hilarious pigeon and gorgeous photos.

Terri said...

have you made sure the pigeon didn't follow you home? it could be outside watching you right now. great photos.