Sunday, June 14, 2009


For Me: new DolceVita Longines watch and an Elsa Peretti Eternal Heart Pendant from Tiffany & Co for my birthday. Love. (Image from Longines).

For Me too: A thank you from PinkLizzy for a new logo I made her, a stunning blue and purple wrap and handmade card. Thanks PL!

For James's 4th Birthday

For a Friend: She supplied the fabric and measurements I did the rest

For my Mum's boss: A thank you for a giant bag of fabric, zippers and trims she sent my way

Just because it's so damn cute. Lucky it was bath time because they were filthy.


Deb said...

Looooove the pendant! And all your sewing're amazing. Wish my sewing was as precision as yours!

Little Munchkins said...

I have the same watch too...well, sort of. Mine is the smaller one. I was undecided between the two and went for the smaller one as I have a small wrist.

Love the pendant, I like Elsa Peretti stuff too :)