Sunday, November 29, 2009


There's no denying Christmas is approaching. The trees and lights are up at the Shopping Centres. Carols blare out from every corner. And the kids stalk Santa.

The poor guy who arrived 3 weeks ago gets yelled at from every direction by passing children. Someone smart sat him right by the entry/exit so every child gets to pass twice. The look on their faces as he waves hello is beautiful.

Everytime we pass, Bella screams out at the top of her lungs "My name is Isabella and this is my baby brother Liam. Could you please bring me a purple dolly and a little Mr The King." All without taking a breath and while I am ushering them past him. Twice a week. Both in and out of the centre. (That makes FOUR times the poor guy gets yelled at the same thing with arms flailing about madly so he sees her).

Yesterday they got their turn and both turned on the cheesy smiles and were so excited. He has been told that the biscuits and milk for him and carrots and water for the reindeer will be waiting in the same spot as last year.

Now If I can just find a little Mr The King and figure out which purple dolly she is talking about so I can let Santa know where to get them from.

Friday, November 27, 2009

In-the-Bag Organiser


Something else new for the shop listed here.

I've also decided to make up some of these car wraps to pop in the shop too since I've received so many lovely messages about them. Now to think up a name.

As well as listing things on etsy, I've been buying too. Christmas presents for the Grandmas from etsy. The one with the small tags and the kids initials is mine. All mine.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Felt Coasters


There are some new products coming to my shops this week and these make me super happy.

Customised felt coasters, one for each family member. Just pick the initials and the colour and I'll whip up these little beauties and pack them in a gift bag. Order before Christmas and I can even put them in a Christmas gift bag so you don't even have to wrap them.

This set are on their way to a friend as a thank you.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Summer PJs

Earlier this year I made Isabella some Summer PJs, a no-pattern, just sew it together until it fits dress. Wouldn't you know it's one of those things she specifically asks for to wear to bed. Maybe it's the fairies on it, maybe it's because it's a dress or maybe just because it keeps her nice and cool. Anyway, I picked up this fabric many many moons ago destined for another PJ Nightie for her and using the new overlocker I sewed this up...

11am and Isabella is in her Pajamas, that's a good sign that this is "acceptable' night wear.

Board Shorts

There's a new member of our family. She white, pretty quiet, and her name is Janome 644D. My early Christmas present from Dean and my Mum and Dad arrived yesterday afternoon and after a phone call to say she had arrived at 4.30pm, I literally threw the kids in the car and did a mad dash to the Janome store to pick her up.

I've realised lately that clothes sewing has come to a hault since mum's old overlocker stopped working. I have been dissapointed at spending so much time and effort neatly cutting and sewing to be left with messy seams. Now it's full steam ahead.

When we got home from the shop, a parcel was waiting from the super-lovely Gilly. Gilly posted some fabulous shorts she made for her little boy and when I emailed her asking where she got the board short material from, she offered me the leftover fabric from her pair. So after madly ripping open the parcel, Liam had a brand new pair of board shorts in about 30 minutes. And they have neat seams.

Pattern: Burda 9793 (Style C). Perfect for all the swimming we do. Now to make some more shorts, summer PJs, dress for me, PJ shorts for Dean....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Park Slope Curvy Clutch

Available now at my shop here or here.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Have Cars. Will Travel.

Made for my car obsessed boy who is always walking around carrying a car in either hand. Made using some fave boy fabric for the inside pocket and wool felt for the outside and the road.

I was only given 30 seconds to snap some photos before it was ripped from my hands. I was kidding myself in thinking it would be a Christmas present.

Warning: causes loud VROOOOM noises from little people.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Work. work. work.

No finished knitting, no sewing, but my other "craft" aka "work" has been busy. A new look for a couple of blogs...

and more of the same this week.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cinna-more-mon Rolls

The bread maker got another work out this morning after the bagel success and...

Cinnamon Rolls. The yummiest cinnamon rolls I've ever eaten with all the hard work done by the bread maker. I predict more of these in my future. Make these. Now.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Not a fan of pink? How about blue? Just finished.. another curvy clutch in Prints Charming's Starburst fabric in a navy blue.

Monday, November 2, 2009

New in the Shop


Just listed over here.
If pinks not your thing, check back tomorrow.