Sunday, November 29, 2009


There's no denying Christmas is approaching. The trees and lights are up at the Shopping Centres. Carols blare out from every corner. And the kids stalk Santa.

The poor guy who arrived 3 weeks ago gets yelled at from every direction by passing children. Someone smart sat him right by the entry/exit so every child gets to pass twice. The look on their faces as he waves hello is beautiful.

Everytime we pass, Bella screams out at the top of her lungs "My name is Isabella and this is my baby brother Liam. Could you please bring me a purple dolly and a little Mr The King." All without taking a breath and while I am ushering them past him. Twice a week. Both in and out of the centre. (That makes FOUR times the poor guy gets yelled at the same thing with arms flailing about madly so he sees her).

Yesterday they got their turn and both turned on the cheesy smiles and were so excited. He has been told that the biscuits and milk for him and carrots and water for the reindeer will be waiting in the same spot as last year.

Now If I can just find a little Mr The King and figure out which purple dolly she is talking about so I can let Santa know where to get them from.


74 Lime Lane said...

Hey Lisa, I'm pretty sure I got a little Mr The King from a seller on ebay australia last Christmas!

Belinda said...

I just worked out which shopping centre you got the pictures done at, haha. My Mac screen is playing up and I did not recognise Liam!! Then I realised his hair has been brushed to the side.

sweet limes said...

Wish Santa the best of luck on the present hunt. Heaven knows he's been told often enough he'd better get it right. :)

handmaiden said...

Lisa, great photofor the album

Tanja said...

Kmart have little Cars movie characters - matchbox car sized. HTH.