Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dear blog

Dear blog,

Sorry you have been neglected for a month. I have thought of you often, but the time to do come see you has not been happening. It's been a crazy 4 weeks.

Baby Eva was in hospital for a few days to only be booted out a couple of hours before her scheduled surgery when she developed a fever.
We sold our home and moved.
The week after we moved, Dean went away for a week on a work trip to Hong Kong and Singapore.
I am up to week 7 in a walking cast, making everything SLOW.
There is the routine of school run twice a day, daycare three times a week, soccer, gymnastics, swimming, weekly physio appointments, re-booking hospital visits for Eva, planning birthday parties and being a full-time PA for my very social kids.

Life is busy, I miss sewing and crafting. There are some random crocheted squares, a couple of finished Book Week outfits and a crocheted rug all lying around waiting to be photographed... soon. The crafting mojo is there, and hopefully, after a hectic month, I can use it and get myself into my new "Craft Room" and start getting some projects happening... soon.

Eva, almost 5 months