Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eva's earflap beanie


Pattern: Earflap hat for kids by Knittwittz (raveled here)
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Rue and Dusty Sage

The baby girl, she doesn't like hats. Or hair clips. Or headbands. Nothing on that noggin' of hers despite her gorgeous big box of baby beanies that went unworn. But this afternoon, on a lazy Sunday with a DVD on for the kids, sitting down with some caramel popcorn, I crocheted up a little earflap beanie alternating between Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece Rue and Dusty Sage.

... and she put it on, and kept it on... for about 10mins.... baby steps.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vogue 1236

It didn't take me long to get into my new fabric stash and patterns..

Pattern: Vogue V1236

Fabric: Vintage 100% linen from The Remnant Warehouse. 2.2m for $17.60

The Good: I'd heard this pattern runs a little on the big size so cut out a size smaller than I normally would, and the fit is great. The pleats at the top are soft and the neck and armholes are lined with a facing so no binding to fiddle with for a change. Only a front piece, back piece and the two facings are cut out plus a belt, so easy to make out of only 2m of fabric. No zippers or gathering either, yay. LOVE the pockets.

The bad: Not a "bad" point, but it took some getting used to 1/4" seams instead of the larger allowances in Simplicity patterns. Whether it's just because this is a simple pattern, but being my first Vogue pattern which are normally about $30 in Australia (I got this 1/2 price at for $12) the instructions are really very basic and nothing very different to Simplicity. I guess for the extra price I expected something a little different.

Modifications: Serged all seams and I hate when facings move so I top stitched the armholes as well as the neckline.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Simplicity 3506

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Pattern: Simplicity 3506 dress

Fabric: Spotlight Lawn cotton in the sale section for $3/m

The Good: I cut my size to measurements on the pack and the fit is perfect with plenty of ease for a loose dress which was what I was going for. It's hard to see in the photo, but it has a v-neck which is nice and the front is all one piece and the back in two pieces.

The bad: Not "bad" per say, but the zip is redundant. It can easily be put on just over the head. I have some plain black cotton to make another and will be cutting the back as one piece this time too. Like a few of my Simplicity patterns, not all the seams are "finished" ie. with a serger or zig zag stitching, so I added this.

Modifications: Serged all seams and omited the pleats in the back.

There is a very poor photo of me wearing it here thanks to Miss 6. I wish we had more than one full length mirror and it wasn't in the darkest spot of the house in a corridor.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sewing Plans Part 2

After a visit to the hospital for the girl's to have a checkout, conveniently the Remnant Warehouse is just around the corner so I HAD to go in today and check it out. Lucky, because Tuesday is apparently 2 for 1 for designer rolls out the front. Hello "free" fabric.

Dark brown embroidered stretch cotton 2m for $16
Pale pink ponte 1.6m for $12.50
Multi stripe vintage linen for Vogue 1236 dress 2.2m for $17.60

Vogue DKNY pattern V1236 half-price for $12

Black cotton stripe 3m for $9

Black and white cotton 2.5m for $10.50 

Navy, black and white cotton 2.5m was $7.50, got this for free

Dark navy crepe for Simplicity 2896 pants 4m was $4 also got this for free

Grey jersey for Simplicity Cynthia Rowley 2443 1.8m for $21

So now to pick what I'll start on first...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sewing plans

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Dresses seem to be high on my recent sewing. I haven't blogged them yet, but a nice pile has accumulated with a new Simplicity 6697, Simplicity 3506 and Simplicity 2648 in the past couple of weeks. There's also a Make It Perfect Uptown Girl jacket for Eva which is done, photographed and worn continuously... must blog that too.

With a few successful projects (I LOVE the 3506), the sew-jo has been boosted again, and I went searching through my pattern box to get out any patterns I haven't tried yet.

Simplicity 2896 (I was going to do the dress but I might try the pants) : Simplicity Cynthia Rowley 2586 (Version A)

Simplicity Cynthia Rowley 2443 : Simplicity Lisette 2246

I originally picked 2896 for the dress, but after reading some reviews I think I'll try and make my first pair of pants. 2586 I have made before but find the neckline too gapey, so I'm planning on making another in the version C in a smaller size.

Unfortunately I can't actually start any of the new outfits, I have no fabric! I have very very few pieces over 2m in length, and no knit fabric for the 2443 dress. The downside to not buying "stash" fabrics I suppose, I just buy when I know what I need it for. So looks like a road trip to some fabric shops is on the horizon...

While I'm planning some sewing projects, I've also got a little list going of patterns I want to get and try, but i'll need fabric for them too, except the Sorbetto top... 

Vogue 1247 : Vogue 1236 (sheesh Vogue patterns are expensive)
Simplicity 1800 : Colette Sorbetto

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Simplicity 2226


Yesterday I signed up for CurlyPop's "Make it in May" skirt sew-a-long. With a pattern already in mind and the fabric stashed away for some spare time, Liam and I decided to do some sewing. Now his sewing means cutting up random pieces of fabric, then using his sewing machine (the lid to my machine) and sewing them together. This boy is a crafter... cooking, sewing, even gardening make him so happy. Heck he even likes to vaccum.

So Eva happily playing, Liam "sewing", and an hour or so later, my skirt was almost done! A quick finish on the hem this morning and voila...

Pattern: Simplicity 2226 version A

Fabric: Spotlight cotton

The Good: Back in 2011 there was a sew a long over at Noodlehead for this skirt and there were so many lovely skirts that I got this pattern stuck in my head. It's easy to see why so many people joined up and were making them, it's really a great pattern with detailed instructions. Classified as a "learn to sew" pattern, it's a great step up from basic sewing with a lovely skirt at the end. Now in saying how great the instructions were,  by the time I got to sewing on the band and zip, I kind of just did what I know, but it worked out in the end. I based my sizing on my waist and used the recommended size and it fits well. Once the pieces were all cut out, I had most of the sewing done in about an hour.

The bad: nothing. Good size, great instructions, quick and simple to make.

Modifications: Nothing

Now that's finished and it's only day two of the sew-a-long, I think I might find another skirt to make... maybe a maxi in some grey jersey I found in the stash the other day.

KCWC : Day 7 : Pirates Flashback Skinny Tee

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Finally the last day of KCWC blogged, and another Flashback Skinny Tee, but this time for Liam.

Pattern: Rae's new Flashback Skinny Tee pattern

Fabric: Spotlight knit with grey ribbing for cuffs

The Good: The same as back here, really it's a great (simple) pattern and for having the size 1-5 in one pattern, one I can see getting alot of good use out of for all three kids. Even though it only goes to a size 5, Bella is only a 5 across her chest so with just a couple of extra inches, it will work for her too. There is a tutorial for a short sleeved version here, once I can track down some decent knit fabric I'll be making some of them too.

The bad: nothing.

Modifications: Just some extra length for my "long body, short legs" boy.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May photo a day

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Now KCWC is finished (yes I still have Day 7 to photograph and blog... it's coming), I thought I'd try something different for May, so I'm taking part in Photo a Day by fat mum slim. I'm not a photographer by any means (quite obvious by my blog) but I love the idea of capturing something each day for a month.

I'll be instagram-ing mine (is that a word?), and you'll find me over here and I'll blog them in groups instead of each day. I know not to even pretend that's going to happen.