Friday, January 29, 2010

Bella's Ballerina Bag

Isabella starts ballet and jazz classes next Monday. For the past 2 years she has done a little class run through our daycare on Fridays but she loves dancing so much we decided to sign her up for "proper" classes this year. We've been to Bloch and bought a new blue leotard and matching blue tutu which has been tried on many many times and Nanny has got her new ballet shoes ready.

So this afternoon, while Bella & Liam are at daycare, I made her up this little tote bag to carry her ballet shoes, water bottle and a snack to her classes.

Kokka Ballerina fabric from Amy at Badskirt and the ribbons are from Ribbons Galore.

Also for Bella, a plain tissue box I picked up from Spotlight this week that got beautified. I painted the top in Kaiser's craft paint in "Eggshell", covered the sides in some scrapbooking paper from Heather Bailey which I Modpodged and finally added a little Heather Bailey rub on to the top.

Shes going to be one happy little girl when she gets home from daycare tonight! She always asks me what I did while they weren't home.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Thanks to the Wrap Queen Bianca, we had a twitter-sew-a-cushion-along (try saying that in a hurry) to try force some sewing mojo back. Bianca made some gorgeous Joel Dewberry cushions (which would go LOVELY with a quilt I made for our lounge last year in the same fabric and palettte), and I made a cushion for each of the kids.

One for Liam using an Aunty Cookie panel and backed with the same fabric I used for Liam's 2nd birthday quilt last year. (It needs a bigger cushion insert)

and a pillow for Isabella's bed with a crocheted trim. I had NO idea what I was doing with the trim, so just worked it out as I went along. I do love the style and I'm thinking of making one more matching pillowcase and I think I'll try a thinner yarn on that one.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nice & Clean

All cleaned, sorted and restocked for more crafting.

A new ribbon holder from Martha Stewart Crafts at Spotlight, Sashiko Coasters from Handmaiden, my scissors holder I embroided ages ago

Ginger the Sweetie Petite doll from a kit from The Red Thread for Isabella

When I finished cleaning I came out to find a new bedroom had been made

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Australia Day

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Happy Australia Day. We spent our (very hot) day hanging with our Godson Sam and his parents, watching movies, having sausages on the BBQ and playing in their yard.

Bella & Sam (watching a movie)

Liam helping push Bella. He gave up about 30 seconds later... "too heavy Belle"

I hope everyone had a fantastic day

Monday, January 25, 2010


Frosted Cupcakes (recipe from here)
Chai Cupcakes (recipe from here)

Today has been a good baking day.

Friday, January 22, 2010


A gift from my lovely husband last weekend. So far tested on a Pavlova, a double batch of Cinnamon Sugar Biscotti and a Chocolate Cake. Next test is a batch of cupcakes using these new cases that go in the oven (from here).

I love my husband (even a little bit more).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Summer is in full force around these parts, and even more so in the southern states of Australia. We are loving the warmer days, the hot hot hot ones we're not so fond of, but being able to pop down to the beach after dinner for a swim in the warm water makes it our favourite time of year.

While the days are warm we've been making the most of the days and this weekend we ventured into the city to the Australian Maritime Museum for the WetWorld holiday program. There was water involved so of course the kids were in heaven and the only way to pry their little fingers away from the fun was bribes of cool drinks.

I highly recommend the museum. It was our first visit and for an extra $20 we got a family pass that lasts the year so we can go back a few times and slowly take our time through the exhibitions.

We've also been doing lots of afternoon bike rides and Liam has started pedaling on Bella's bike really well so we went out yesterday and got him his first "big boy" bike. He is so excited. He was only on it for 10 minutes and was riding around like a pro. The boy has no fear of speed.

And in all the busy days, there's not much crafting, but I did crochet this Johnny Apple using Panda Zoomy yarn. I've got some red and pink Zoomy waiting to become little apple brothers, maybe even a Little Mac which I'm thinking I might put a toy bell inside and give to a little baby baking away in a friend's tummy.

There's also half a knitted vest for Liam and a cast on ripple blanket, but thats my "when I want to do something for 5 mins or in the car project" so I don't expect it to be finished anytime soon.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First projects for 2010


A McCalls M4814 dress for the Princess. The blue fabric is Chick A Dee Chick A Doo Bird Spring by Robert Kaufman print and the yellow is an Amy Butler print.

If there is one thing in sewing I loathe doing, it's gathering. I'll sew you 100 zippers for someone to do my gathers. So why I decided to make this I have no idea, there's 3 layers to gather. In the end it wasn't bad, it's certainly not 100% even, but it looks ok. Trying to take a photo WITHOUT Liam in the picture, now that's impossible. (and I wish he NEVER learnt how to get undressed. Thank goodness the nappy stays on)

An Arwen Keyhole scarf for a friend knitted using Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran yarn in Mareschino, a gorgeous red colour.

And a Christmas present for another lovely friend, a Crochet Bag from Attic24 with matching flowers made from Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in yummy summer colours.

I still have a bit of Cotton Ease left and once I have finished an Arwen scarf for myself and a vest for Liam both already cast on then I think I'll start on a Ripple Blanket to use up some scraps.

Something sewen, something knitted and something crocheted. Not bad for the beginning of the year.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Shopping for Fabric

With the New Year comes planning, checking out the local events, when the markets are on, booking out weekends. And then there's the sewing.

This years birthday presants, a new baby's gifts, and outfits for the ever-growing kids. I like planning ahead, picking patterns, getting the fabric and then taking my time going through my to do list and not being rushed. I'm not much of a "buy things for the stash" person, with a lack of space and I never know how much to buy when I don't know what I'm making with it so end up with not enough or too much but not enough for something else.

I've been thinking of some new pillows and duvet cover for our bed and have fallen in love with the Moda's Rouenneries by French General. So last night I start planning, working out yards/metres, then looking for where to buy.

So the question, where to buy fabric from. Generally I sew because I can make something much nicer than I could buy for less than I would pay, but here in Australia I find fabric so so expensive:

8 yd of Rouenneries via US shop (US$82.87) AUD$93 inc. shipping
7 m of Rouenneries via local AUS shop AUD$231.71

So buying from the US including shipping is 60% cheaper for the exact same fabric. Wowsers. For $93 I would certainly make everything myself, but for $231 I don't think I would. That's not including the fabric for the other things on my to do list for this year which are probably another 8 yards/7 meters again.

So what would you do? Where do you buy your fabric when you are getting larger quantities of more than a meter here and there? Do you stick to Australian shops, which of course is the most ideal to support small Aussie businesses or do you keep your budget in mind and buy overseas.

If I spent more than twice for the same fabric at least I could sell tickets for the concert of watching hubby's brain explode when the credit card statement turned up. At least the ticket profits would make up some of the price difference?