Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First projects for 2010

A McCalls M4814 dress for the Princess. The blue fabric is Chick A Dee Chick A Doo Bird Spring by Robert Kaufman print and the yellow is an Amy Butler print.

If there is one thing in sewing I loathe doing, it's gathering. I'll sew you 100 zippers for someone to do my gathers. So why I decided to make this I have no idea, there's 3 layers to gather. In the end it wasn't bad, it's certainly not 100% even, but it looks ok. Trying to take a photo WITHOUT Liam in the picture, now that's impossible. (and I wish he NEVER learnt how to get undressed. Thank goodness the nappy stays on)

An Arwen Keyhole scarf for a friend knitted using Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran yarn in Mareschino, a gorgeous red colour.

And a Christmas present for another lovely friend, a Crochet Bag from Attic24 with matching flowers made from Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in yummy summer colours.

I still have a bit of Cotton Ease left and once I have finished an Arwen scarf for myself and a vest for Liam both already cast on then I think I'll start on a Ripple Blanket to use up some scraps.

Something sewen, something knitted and something crocheted. Not bad for the beginning of the year.


Belinda said...

That dress is gorgeous Lisa. I will definitely be picking up that pattern.

The O's said...

Lovely friend LOVES her bag very muchly and will pay more attention to casual comments she makes!!! Thank you so much Lisa, it is perfect for wallet, wipes, sunnies and keys.

Gorgeous dress too, I too am embarking on the gathering learning curve on a skirt for Kasia. Will get around to updating my blog at some point... maybe not tonight, up to my eyes in tinsel de christmasing the house!

Ellyn said...

beautiful! I love them all.... the look on Liam's face is priceless! The crochet bag is adorable too!

Hannie said...

Gathering isnt' so bad, is it? I don't particularly like it but there's no reason to avoid it either (LOL).
We have an expression here in The Netherlands which goes something like:
"put your mind on mark zero and your view on endless"
and then just DO IT. No thinking about it, no growling, just do it. Give it a try, maybe it works (LOL).

All the best for you and your loved-ones in 2010. If you have some minutes to spare, visit me at www.wiedewottus.nl
Kind regards, Hannie

Rainbow Child said...

what wonderful projects to start the yar off! especially love the dress, (even if it was a pain to sew ;))

My Mr 17 months has just learnt how to get naked too haha except he knows how to take off his cloth nappies too!

Gilly said...

You have been busy! I love the dress! Bella looks adorable!

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Fab dress! Ditto with the gathering. Painful. Lovely the knitting and crocheting! Must learn this year, said that last year too :P xox

sweet limes said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has naked kids running amuck! :)

You know you can gather on your serger right? Check it out, you may love it after all. OR check out attachments for your sewing machine because I know I have a Janome and they have an attachment that does it all for you, super easy (thought I don't have one). Just some ideas for you.

Bek said...

That cottonease yarn looks lovely. I am always excited by cotton yarn - where did you buy yours from? the US or local?