Thursday, January 28, 2010


Thanks to the Wrap Queen Bianca, we had a twitter-sew-a-cushion-along (try saying that in a hurry) to try force some sewing mojo back. Bianca made some gorgeous Joel Dewberry cushions (which would go LOVELY with a quilt I made for our lounge last year in the same fabric and palettte), and I made a cushion for each of the kids.

One for Liam using an Aunty Cookie panel and backed with the same fabric I used for Liam's 2nd birthday quilt last year. (It needs a bigger cushion insert)

and a pillow for Isabella's bed with a crocheted trim. I had NO idea what I was doing with the trim, so just worked it out as I went along. I do love the style and I'm thinking of making one more matching pillowcase and I think I'll try a thinner yarn on that one.


Ellyn said...


Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Oh I love the cushions with the crochet hemming thingy! And the little chair in the picture! Where is that beauty from? xox

Gilly said...

Oh they are awesome Lisa - I love the alphabet material!

sweet limes said...

that trim turned out great. If you hadn't told us you didn't know what you were doing we all would have just thought that you are a pro at this like everything else!