Friday, January 29, 2010

Bella's Ballerina Bag

Isabella starts ballet and jazz classes next Monday. For the past 2 years she has done a little class run through our daycare on Fridays but she loves dancing so much we decided to sign her up for "proper" classes this year. We've been to Bloch and bought a new blue leotard and matching blue tutu which has been tried on many many times and Nanny has got her new ballet shoes ready.

So this afternoon, while Bella & Liam are at daycare, I made her up this little tote bag to carry her ballet shoes, water bottle and a snack to her classes.

Kokka Ballerina fabric from Amy at Badskirt and the ribbons are from Ribbons Galore.

Also for Bella, a plain tissue box I picked up from Spotlight this week that got beautified. I painted the top in Kaiser's craft paint in "Eggshell", covered the sides in some scrapbooking paper from Heather Bailey which I Modpodged and finally added a little Heather Bailey rub on to the top.

Shes going to be one happy little girl when she gets home from daycare tonight! She always asks me what I did while they weren't home.


Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Lisa!! I love love love the tissue box!! Clever you. And the bag is super cute too xox

Belinda said...

Can't wait to see a pic of Bella in her outfit!

Corrie said...

oh cute! I have ballet fabrics coming from kokka and can't wait but I think keira will start ballet BEFORE they arrive! we are off tomorrow to get her new uniform as they changed colours over the holiday and new shoes...wait till the concert! yikes so cute!

I'll be at allies attic in mosman in feb and mathilda's market in paddington town hall in march!


Leah (mummy made it) said...

love what you've done with the tissue box. She'll love dancing.

bellsjo said...

What an adorable little bag! I bet she loves it!

Gilly said...

Oh thats a super sweet bag - I hope she loves ballet.

I like the tissue box cover too - very cool :)

one little acorn said...

Thanks Lisa for the link you sent me. Funnily enough I had been to this sight, but following your advice, I went back and found a link to where they sell. Have updated my blog.
I love your work, and especially the big alphabet cushion from your last post. Great combination of a bold design and great colours.