Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sewing Clothes (That fit)

My sew-jo has returned, hurray!. So this week I grabbed out a couple of patterns bought a couple of months ago before the madness of Christmas and sewed some clothes, some for me and Bella.

I've made a few dresses in the past, but for chasing kids all day I need comfy clothes.

Simplicty 3835 made in a black homespun.

I've also made three tops already from this pattern (no I haven't posted them because I'm slack and haven't finished putting elastic in them). I thought the neckline looked blurgh the night I made it, but when I tried it on the next day, I liked it! I even got a couple of compliments from the lady at my local craft shop when I was stocking up on some more fabric for dresses.

Sew What Skirts A-Line skirt in Anna Marie Horner Chocolate Lollipop

While I was at the shop I grabbed a copy of Sew What Skirts. What a fantastic book! In a couple of hours I drafted a perfect sized skirt.

Length is normally an issue for me, when I buy skirts and pants. By the time I get the right size for my long legs, everything is swimming around the waist, or if it fits the waist my "pants" are now an odd just above the ankle length. Don't even get me started about trying to get things to fit my thighs properly on fitted styles. Gah.

Anyway, back to my skirt. So I used the book and my measurements and voila, a perfect around the waist, perfect length A-Line skirt. There's another 15 skirts in the book to make and I like almost every one.. hurray!

The photos really don't do them justice but it's just too hard to get a 4 year old to take a photo during the day which doesn't involve shots of JUST my feet or up my nose. Neither I wish published on my blog thank you. But both have passed the all day comfy test.

Of course Bella wanted a new dress when she saw Mummy had one. Her choice of fabric and colour. As always she did want me to make the EXACT dress on the pattern as in the same fabric and the same lace. Everytime I show her patterns I have to explain now I can't make it EXACTLY the same fabric, but she still asks.

Yesterday I did a BIG fabric order from the US, so expect lots more dresses and skirts soon.


Ellyn said...

beautiful! I ordered a new tunic pattern from Amy Butler & the quilt store called today to tell me it was in! YAY! I'll be sewing something new for me soon too

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Yay for the sew-jo!! Looks like I need that book. And look forward to seeing what you get up too with all that fabric ;) xox

The O's said...

BIG order - try DIVORCE sized order! Will have to have a squizz at the book when we catch up next. Like the skirt, might need a petticoat under the black one, a bit see through! Good for hot stinky days chasing kids around the house or over your togs.

Catherine said...

You've been super busy with all that lovely sewing. I love your black dress you made, very nice.:)

B said...

That skirt is delicious! I'm so excited that you're sewing for yourself and loving it. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Gilly said...

Oh they all look divine - yah for send some to me !

Anonymous said...

Love the dress, the plain black looks nice,well done.

handmaiden said...

looking forward to see what other skirts u make from this they are always a fave of mine and Bella looks beautiful as is her name