Thursday, February 25, 2010

Washcloth/Dishcloth Create-a-Long

The Washcloth/Dishcloth Create-a-Long is finished, and it was great! Nothing like being crafty while creating a stash of presents to hold onto.

My grand total was 8. Not huge, but a good amount for me especially while I knitted this guy too in the same week.

JustRight in Jo Sharp Desert Aran Cotton using a 4.5mm hook. The only paid for pattern I used, but definitely one of my favourites. I'm going to experiment adding a border to it which I think would look great. Oh and the Jo Sharp yarn works BEAUTIFULLY on these cloths. Shame it's on the tad expensive side (only 1 cloth out of an AUD$8 ball). Pattern via Ravelry

Another JustRight in some leftover Bendigo Luxury 10ply

And one more JustRight in Patons Smoothie DK

Scrubby Dot on 4mm hook with Patons UK Diploma Gold DK blue and white. This guy is small, much smaller than I thought, but a great size for kids. (Pattern via Ravelry)

Tulip Stitch in more Patons Smoothie DK (yes I did just use stash yarn hence the same colours!). I think I prefer the look of the more squared cloths, but then if I had used 10ply yarn instead it would probably be more of a square.

Snapdragon in more Patons Smoothie DK. Lovely pattern, love the shells and the border.. sooo pretty.

Apple Tawashi from Salihan Crafts. Yes there is two sides to this, one is supposed to be white, my lesson learnt = use the exact same yarn for both sides.

Simple Scrubby. Made on 4mm hook with a strand of 8ply black no-frills Spotlight yarn and a strand of Patons Smoothie DK to make it a dense cloth. I also added row 3 a second time to make it bigger. Great pattern.

Lots of lovely lovely patterns and yarn. My fave patterns? The JustRight, for something special the Snapdragon and for a nice real thick cloth the Simple Scrubby. Jo Sharp Desert Aran Cotton was definitely a fave, but for the value the Patons Smoothie DK worked really well. It was still smooth to work with and I got 3 cloths out of a $4 ball with still more to spare. All the yarn I used was stash, nothing bought new so a great little stash busting project. I've completely cleared out all my old yarn that isn't halfway through becoming a cardigan/jacket etc.

Thank you to Mel for organising and getting me interested in washcloths. I think I'll be keeping a stash of yarn just for making some of these little guys while I wait for swimming lessons and dancing lessons etc.

I've also been slowly working on this guy, but I'm out of yarn and need to grab a ball of each before I can go any further.

Now back to some sewing (Bella's dress is half done and oo so cute)! and washing and sanding more walls for painting.


The O's said...

me likes last rainbow picture, but that would be greedy right?

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Fantastic!! And I too love the ripple blanket xox

Ellyn said...

boy you have been a busy bee! I've been doing dishcloths, so portable... love love love the ripple blanket!