Thursday, February 11, 2010

A New Project

My helper. The people who run Bunnings are genius', check out the toddler sized trolley!

Feature wall in the lounge all sugar soaped and ready to paint

My helpers work. He's at daycare tomorrow, it might be more productive since I won't have to help him paint airplanes.

Purple wall GONE. Another coat to go and the skirting boards have only been undercoated, but it's good motivation to get the biggest job done first. Only three more walls in this room (then bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, hallway... arghhh)

We did love the purple wall, but painted pre-kids, every time it got scratched you could see the old white paint underneath as well as every single fingerprint. There's enough cleaning around here without having to constantly wipe walls.

So bring on the giant tin of Limed White Half by Dulux to paint all the walls and the previously natural stained skirting boards will be going White to match the windows and doors. I'm contemplating one of those chalkboard painted walls in the kitchen next to the pantry or maybe the closet door next to the kitchen, but still debating. Anyone have one?


Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

I've never had one but always wanted one. Renting blah! When we get our own house that is the first thing I want to do! And you can get magnetic black board paint too. Big job. Looking good!

The O's said...

Bye Bye Purple wall - boo hoo but I do see your point with the chips and marks. I did love that wall. Can you tell I am having a few problems letting it go...! Massive job and good on you for making a start. I can have the Princess and the Monkey for some of the weekend if it helps? Something similar will be happening here in the next few months.

Blackboard wall... great idea, go the magnetic option and maybe that spot between your end top cupboard and the begining of the lounge wall, above your rubbish bin?

sweet limes said...

I think you should cover your walls in little airplanes, who knew you had such talent for drawing! Can't wait to see how it look afterwards!

Anonymous said...

chalkboard & whiteboard walls are very cool, but not all chalkboard paints actually work. Try to get sample sizes of several different ones. One of my coworkers tried many different kinds before she found a good one (sorry, I don't know what it was, this was a couple years ago).