Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Like Sleeves for Eva

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Like Sleeves for Eva Like Sleeves for Eva Like Sleeves for Eva Pattern: Like Sleeves for Baby (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Bendigo Woolen Mills Classic 5ply in Smoke Dreaming up other colour combinations I can make this in... it sits so lovely in the 5ply. Perhaps a cotton version or two... an extra inch in the body and she will get plenty of wear... maybe a kid version for Bella too...

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Cushions

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Christmas cushions Hand-stitching done and finished with some of my favourite fabrics, new cushions for each of the kids ready for wrapping and going under the Christmas tree.

Christmas cushions Christmas cushions Christmas cushions
I was thinking of adding some piping around each, but knowing the chances of me getting to Spotlight then finding the time to finish them before Christmas made it virtually impossible it would happen, better them finished and under the tree than half done and having to be packed in another moving box!

Christmas cushions Christmas cushions Christmas cushions

Monday, December 10, 2012

Kwik Sew and a Greyson

Don't go falling off your chair now, but I have some sewing to show. Don't get too excited, it's nothing fancy but a simple dress from an old Kwik Sew dress pattern I had lingering in my pattern box that I picked up from an Op shop a couple of years ago. Luckily the person who owned it before me was apparently the same size because they had already cut all the pieces out.

Really it's not see-through, but this was the only spot I found I could photograph without a packing box in the way... gah to moving.

Isn't the fabric pretty? I had just enough in my stash... now if only those warm days would come back, isn't it supposed to be summer now?

I also finished off a jumper for Liam using a pattern on Ravelry called "Greyson". This Rustic wool from Bendigo started life as a Hemlock Ring blanket but after I spotted a mistake right back at the begining which I KNEW would drive me crazy every time I looked at it, I ripped it back and instead made this jumper for Liam for next year. It apparently needs to be made "un-itchy" so it's headed for the wash before it goes into his box for winter next year.

Greyson in green
A great pattern and comes with instructions for a range of plys for 0-10 years so we will get a bit of use out of this basic pattern yet. Ravelry link here.

...back to the boxes...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I'm still here.

The last week has been hectic, last Wednesday I had surgery to remove my gall bladder, whilst fielding calls from real estate agents and solicitors to finalise the purchase of our new house. Its just finished getting built so lists are appearing of what we need to decide on...  which blinds, when can the air conditioning be installed, what day for the removalists... apparently Christmas is somewhere in between all this happening as well which I'm sure is not going to help us get tradesmen booked.

At least while Ive spent a lot of time recovering on the couch I managed to finish the kids cushion covers embroidery, a jumper for Liam and another for Eva. Eva's turned out a truly weird shape and fit but I think it's because it is such thick yarn, I was trying to use up the very last of my stash but thick ply yarn on babies just doesn't sit well, so it will be frogged. I found one last ball of Bendigo Classic 5ply in a charcoal grey while cleaning out the craft room and have just cast on a Like Sleeves for Eva and hopefully this will turn out better.

Not that there will be much time for knitting now that I am back on my feet.