Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I'm still here.

The last week has been hectic, last Wednesday I had surgery to remove my gall bladder, whilst fielding calls from real estate agents and solicitors to finalise the purchase of our new house. Its just finished getting built so lists are appearing of what we need to decide on...  which blinds, when can the air conditioning be installed, what day for the removalists... apparently Christmas is somewhere in between all this happening as well which I'm sure is not going to help us get tradesmen booked.

At least while Ive spent a lot of time recovering on the couch I managed to finish the kids cushion covers embroidery, a jumper for Liam and another for Eva. Eva's turned out a truly weird shape and fit but I think it's because it is such thick yarn, I was trying to use up the very last of my stash but thick ply yarn on babies just doesn't sit well, so it will be frogged. I found one last ball of Bendigo Classic 5ply in a charcoal grey while cleaning out the craft room and have just cast on a Like Sleeves for Eva and hopefully this will turn out better.

Not that there will be much time for knitting now that I am back on my feet.


Ellyn said...

glad to hear you are recovering well. Don't overdo it! Easy for me to say.../

Kate said...

Glad you are recovering and don't over do it packing.