Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spring/Summer PJs


New Jammies for Isabella now that it's getting so nice and warm.

The top is from the Sweet Little Dress pattern (sick of it yet? I'm not). This time I decided to get tricky and put a contrasting casing for the elastic around the neck and sleeves to match the shorts. The shorts are cut from an old Kwik Sew pattern I borrowed, but ended up being cut at the knee for this length and I did the casing different to the instructions.

The material for the shorts and top casing is a yummy Heather Bailey from her Freshcut range that I bought with this exact pattern in mind. Don't you love when something works!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Knitted Scarf... yes KNITTED

While away last week, I wasn't allowed to bring my sewing machine with much tanty-throwing on my behalf, so I took knitting. The pattern originally was from one in this book, but after my test square to check the guage it ended up being a bit of a different pattern to get the same effect and I only needed 2 balls of yarn instead of 3. I was determined it would be finished before we got home and I casted off as the car pulled into the airport to fly home. My first completed knitting project in 2 years! I am 90% done on a vest for Liam that I started before we went away.

Now if anyone sees my husband walking around NOT wearing this scarf, and I don't care if it's 30degrees out, please feel free to ask him why he isn't wearing it. He has complained for the last 5 years about a scarf I started and never finished. Mind you he didn't like the colours or the width I was doing it so goodness knows why he complained about it not being finished. This one is much nicer anyway.

Sweet Little Pair

Gifts for a friend, another Sweet Little Dress in the 12 month size and a matching Sweet Little Top for her big sister in a lovely apple fabric.

This pattern is certainly getting a good work out, I have another almost finished for Isabella that are going to be lovely cool spring/summer PJs, I just need to finish the pants.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Liam

Happy Birthday to our happy little gorgeous boy. The last year has gone far too quick.

We spent the day..

Opening presents

BBQ lunch at the nearby gardens with family & close friends including cake of course, topped with a Monkey candle

Some groovy presents including some cool sunnies

Fun with Poppy

And while Daddy cooked us a BBQ for dinner in the nice warm evening Isabella & Liam went for a spin on their bikes.

Fun day had by all, and both kids crashed into bed nice and early. I don't think we'll be far behind! All reved up for another beautiful warm sunny day tomorrow, the last day of daddy's annual leave.

Friday, September 26, 2008

This Is... (Other than late)... What I Want to be When I Grow Up

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All I can remember ever wanting to be when I grew up was an Architect. All through my childhood I drew houses. I didn't draw you're average houses, but plans, technical plans. Right down to the window placement, furniture placement, I was so specific and would spend hours drawing them from every aspect. I still love looking at old houses and seeing what I would do to them, always browsing Home magazines. I don't remember anything else I ever wanted to be, not a vet or a doctor or a teacher, just an architect.

Thanks to Bug & Pop for the This Is, Handmaiden for her temporary hosting skills and Angela for running it all!

Giveaway and Pay-It-Forward Goodies

Everyone has their goodies from me now for my 100th post giveaway and Pay-It-Forward. I love making things for others but gee it's nerve wracking. Did I pick the right fabric? Is it something they will use? Is my stitching ok? Oh no I have to HAND stitch something, here comes the heart attack. But strangely I do still like it. I like to see if I picked the right thing, not that anyone will probably tell me if I didn't cause everyone's just too nice.

For Ellie. A pin cushion and large zippered pouch.

For Handmaiden. A portfolio in Amy Butler fabric.

For Miss Moo Makes. A pleated purse in Anna Marie Horner fabric.

For Edward & Lilly. A reversible little purse using Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler fabrics.

For PinkLizzy. An Ottobre blouse in Anna Marie Horner fabric modelled by Isabella who is the same size.

Miss Us?

The Camerons are home and we are so happy to be home. We've been visiting the in-laws for the past week interstate with my parents in tow. Did I mention we are happy to be home?

While away we visited Soverign Hill with Isabella. Definitely the highlight of our trip (well besides a delicious lunch and lot's of sewing talk with a dash of sewing with the lovely PinkLizzy and Emma).

We thought she might have been frightened of the big horses but she was just in love with them and the carriage rides and she got to colour her own candle.

We also caught up for a fun night with Dean's cousins and family. The kids just loved each other and played all night.

Saying goodbye to Nanna & Pa

Liam & Isabella have been playing so nicely together and laughing all the time with each other. It certainly made for a nicer time a away.

And drum roll please...

Liam's walking! Not just a few steps here or there like he was before we went away, but from one end of the house, around corners and even being "Mr Smarty Pants" and spinning on one leg. Just in time for his birthday.

He also got his first hair cut today too. It's all gone too quick, tomorrow he turns 1!.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This Is... What I Do With a Spare 10 Minutes

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When we are home, if I find myself not being climbed on by the munchkins, I quickly make a cup of tea to enjoy 10 minutes browsing my bloglines feeds or chatting to friends on MSN. If we are out and about we head to our local cafe where I get a coffee, Isabella gets a milkshake and Liam gets his bottle. Bella gets us a magazine each from the racks and we sit, read and normally snack on something yummy too.
Bella loves to read her "manascenes" as she calls them, pointing out everything pink, looks edible and any thing she recognises.

Thanks to Hoppo Bumpo for this weeks theme and Handmaiden for guest hosting while Angela is away.

PS. Forgive the lack of photographs, we're staying at my parents for the night before we head interstate to visit the in-laws and I'm using dial-up. Does anyone still use dial-up other than my parents? I think I'd rather be pulling teeth out. Ahh and to think this is the start of a wholeee week without ADSL2. It's going to be a long week.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

EB Fat Quarter Challenge

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All finished. Here is the results from my Fat Quarter of Alexander Henry's Mori Forest fabric.

My pleated clutch that I posted here.

Then I made a little hedgehog softie. He has a little pocket at the front and I put one of Bella's hairclips in to show just how little he is. The pattern is from Molly Chicken. He has black felt hair and a linen body.

I had a rectangle of fabric left and a few strips so made this needle case to hold my embroidery needles in with a red interior and grey felt.

And the very last of the strips of fabric left along with some delicious linen is this large zippered case. I think I'll use it for my toiletries when we head away next week.

This is all that's left of my 18" x 22" fat quarter. The biggest piece is a 2" x 1.5" rectangle.

Spring Fair

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Yesterday we headed down to the Spring Fair. The weather was beautiful! We had short sleeves and sandals and all those thank-goodness-it's-getting-warmer type things happening.

Isabella taking a ride on the Policeman's bike. Liam was napping so he missed out.

Part of my Fat Quarter challenge the newbie sewers group on Essential Baby is running. A pleated clutch using some Alexander Henry fabric and lined in cream. I have a few more things to try use the leftover scraps on as part of the challenge so more to come!

In the Mail..

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They took a while, one set even went missing in the mail. Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE Australia Post?. Anyway here they are, in all their printed glory and now stitched to anything I can get my hands on... drum roll please..

New "The Princess and the Monkey" labels. So to Handmaiden, Miss Moo Makes, PinkLizzy, Edward & Lilly and Ellie, keep an eye out for your postman next week as I'm heading to the post office tomorrow with all you're goodies wrapped up. Andrea, I haven't forgotten about you, your's will be leaving here soon.

Friday, September 12, 2008

New Bib

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A new bib for Liam backed with fabric cut from an old towel and the front fabric is a new one at Spotlight. Love the cars and buses. It's a pale blue not that you can really tell in the photo.

Being modelled by the drool-king himself.

New Fabric

I love getting new mail, that is when the post office decide I am allowed to have my mail. Do NOT ask me where my labels I ordered oh about EIGHT weeks ago. Today I had to go down and make them check AGAIN for the package they told me was waiting for me, and where did they find it? Oh filed under "K" for "Cameron" of course. That's the third time in a row. Next time remind me to take some bananas for the monkeys that must be working out the back.

Anyway... here it is.

From quilthome. Top fabrics are Freshcut Fabric by Heather Bailey, Drawing Room Fabric by Anna Maria Horner, Nest Fabric by Tula Pink and the bottom fabrics are Bijoux Ice Fabric by Heather Bailey, Olive Rose Fabric by Valori Wells and Manzanita Red Fabric by Joel Dewberry.

You need shades for this Aunty Cookie fabric I got from her Etsy shop. I LOVE the hot pink! No idea what I'll make with it, but it's so cool.

I am waiting four more deliveries. If I get them before Xmas I'll be surprised.

Is this not the nicest present? I got it off a friend that I helped do her uni assignment that needed a simple website done for. I did explain that I was happy to do it for the fact I got to leave the house sans-child for a few hours! Yum.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One Red Robin Goodie

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When One Red Robin posted a chance to win a postcard of her super-cute Woodland Park Folk I pounced on a chance. I would love one of her softies to actually live here in Chez Cameron but a postcard is just as nice. And I got one! Lucky me was 2nd to post and only the first 15 people received a copy. If I ever had the chance to buy one, it would be this little guy. Here are some pictures of the whole gang.

See it pays to be constantly on bloglines all day and night browsing blogs. It has already been framed and I'm just trying to decide if I should allow it to live in the kids room or just be all mine!

Sweet Little Top

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This is the Sweet Little Dress pattern from here but made into a top. Does everyone love the Joel Dewberry Bloom fabric from his Ginseng as much as me?.