Friday, September 26, 2008

Miss Us?

The Camerons are home and we are so happy to be home. We've been visiting the in-laws for the past week interstate with my parents in tow. Did I mention we are happy to be home?

While away we visited Soverign Hill with Isabella. Definitely the highlight of our trip (well besides a delicious lunch and lot's of sewing talk with a dash of sewing with the lovely PinkLizzy and Emma).

We thought she might have been frightened of the big horses but she was just in love with them and the carriage rides and she got to colour her own candle.

We also caught up for a fun night with Dean's cousins and family. The kids just loved each other and played all night.

Saying goodbye to Nanna & Pa

Liam & Isabella have been playing so nicely together and laughing all the time with each other. It certainly made for a nicer time a away.

And drum roll please...

Liam's walking! Not just a few steps here or there like he was before we went away, but from one end of the house, around corners and even being "Mr Smarty Pants" and spinning on one leg. Just in time for his birthday.

He also got his first hair cut today too. It's all gone too quick, tomorrow he turns 1!.


Ellie said...

Welcome home.

And Happy Birthday to the Monkey. Time goes too quickly.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

That looks like a fun holiday.

Happy birthday to your little one. Doesn't that first year fly by with the second bub?