Friday, September 12, 2008

New Fabric

I love getting new mail, that is when the post office decide I am allowed to have my mail. Do NOT ask me where my labels I ordered oh about EIGHT weeks ago. Today I had to go down and make them check AGAIN for the package they told me was waiting for me, and where did they find it? Oh filed under "K" for "Cameron" of course. That's the third time in a row. Next time remind me to take some bananas for the monkeys that must be working out the back.

Anyway... here it is.

From quilthome. Top fabrics are Freshcut Fabric by Heather Bailey, Drawing Room Fabric by Anna Maria Horner, Nest Fabric by Tula Pink and the bottom fabrics are Bijoux Ice Fabric by Heather Bailey, Olive Rose Fabric by Valori Wells and Manzanita Red Fabric by Joel Dewberry.

You need shades for this Aunty Cookie fabric I got from her Etsy shop. I LOVE the hot pink! No idea what I'll make with it, but it's so cool.

I am waiting four more deliveries. If I get them before Xmas I'll be surprised.

Is this not the nicest present? I got it off a friend that I helped do her uni assignment that needed a simple website done for. I did explain that I was happy to do it for the fact I got to leave the house sans-child for a few hours! Yum.


Unknown said...

OH OH OH! I love them all especially the Nest fabric! Have fun creating!

Ellie said...

Oh that middle top row is divine. Me want.waaaaaaa