Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ottobre Aqua Shorts

Yes they are obviously not "Aqua" but that's what they are called in the Ottobre 3/2008 the pattern comes from. They are also supposed to be babycord which they aren't but this lovely light material I found at my local shop, perfect for summer. Can you believe I wasted hours searching Etsy and Simplicity and Burda etc etc etc for a pattern exactly like this before my brain kicked into gear to think to check my Ottobre magazines? D'oh! Expect to see more of these for Liam coming soon!

Speaking of Liam ie. Monkey boy, he did his first proper walking tonight! He's been doing a couple of steps for a while but tonight managed to walk from one side of our lounge room to the other. OK it may not be a big lounge room but still a good 10 steps for a little man with some pausing in between and a couple of slight change of directions to keep us on his toes. Just in time for his first birthday at the end of the month.

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