Monday, September 29, 2008

Knitted Scarf... yes KNITTED

While away last week, I wasn't allowed to bring my sewing machine with much tanty-throwing on my behalf, so I took knitting. The pattern originally was from one in this book, but after my test square to check the guage it ended up being a bit of a different pattern to get the same effect and I only needed 2 balls of yarn instead of 3. I was determined it would be finished before we got home and I casted off as the car pulled into the airport to fly home. My first completed knitting project in 2 years! I am 90% done on a vest for Liam that I started before we went away.

Now if anyone sees my husband walking around NOT wearing this scarf, and I don't care if it's 30degrees out, please feel free to ask him why he isn't wearing it. He has complained for the last 5 years about a scarf I started and never finished. Mind you he didn't like the colours or the width I was doing it so goodness knows why he complained about it not being finished. This one is much nicer anyway.


Its_Lily said...

Knitting, yea! My newly learned craft. So far, I've completed a Mobius basket and a hat. What fun!

Liesl said...

Beuatiful scarf. I love the colour yarn you have used.

Leah said...

clever girl can knit as well!