Monday, September 8, 2008

New Arty Bag : For Knitters!

I'm not a knitter. But I want to be. We are heading down south soon to visit the in-laws and apparently I'm not allowed to bring the sewing machine. Bah humbug. So I've decided that I'm going to attempt knitting a vest for Liam. No bets that I get completely bored with it and I come home with 2 3/4 balls of still unused wool and 6 rows of knitting on needles that stays there for 5 years until I toss it in disgust.

Anyway so to look the part I wanted to make myself a bag to carry a couple of needles, some scissors and my wool in. I found THE perfect fabric, Knit One in Cherry by Aunty Cookie. I love that it says "break. cup of tea". No guesses I'll be doing that too much.

Fingers crossed I get it finished people! I have to admit though I am planning on making the 2 year old one, so it gives me until next year to finish it. How confident does that make me sound that I'll finish it :-) Liam isn't even 1 yet. He is close though!

We are planning a trip down to Melbourne to waste a day so if anyone can suggest MUST see fabric places, let me know! I'd love to be able to pickup some "different" things to what I can get here in Sydney and preferrably not have to drive all around Melbourne with two children and my mother and mother-in-law in tow.

I have more of this yummy fabric left so these bags are up for sale on my blogshop and etsy.

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