Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pencil Case for Moi

I keep all my scraps, it's a nasty habit. I have some hideous scraps in a giant drawer that I have no idea why I have kept, and I vow one day I will clean it out. But in there are also some fan-tab-ulous scraps which I've been keeping for "something".

So using some Kristen Doran scraps is a pencil case for moi. I carry some drawing pencils with me in my handbag all the time and now they can be a little more groovy. Well anything is better than the plastic zip lock bag they were in right?

1 comment:

Gilly said...

Oooo I love this - what a great way to use up scraps. You have done some great stuff - well done!...
xx Gilly
PS You have fabulous taste in fabric!