Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Hat Parade


That time of year again, when the Mums all stay up late, surrounded by crepe paper, cardboard, plastic easter eggs and have to come up with a "hat" matching the grand design the kids have come up with for the school parade.

All I could think was next year I have to make TWO of these things.

Didn't we used to have to make these ourselves during school time when I was at primary school? Maybe I'll just put this one into storage and Liam can wear it next year, wonder if anyone will notice?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sandbox Pants

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The boy has apparently grown over Summer. Must have been all the water. That left him with a grand total of 2 non-daycare pants that fit.

With the Sandbox pants pattern from Oliver & S SandboxPants  (now available on PDF, yay!), and some lightweight black denim from my stash, a new pair of pants for the boy.

Far Far Away II Quilt

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A quilt finished for the birthday girl with Heather Ross' Far Far Away II fabric. Perfect for a little Princess.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Birthday Dress

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Fabric: Children at Play fabric by Sarah Jane
Pattern: Dress 1 from one of my Japanese sewing books (ISBN 9784529047005)

A dress for the birthday girl, worn with her new red shoes, ready to party with all her friends.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Evangeline's 1st Birthday

This weekend my littlest munchkin turned one. It's hard to believe it's already been a whole year that she's been here.

We celebrated with a party at our house with lovely friends and family.

And with no food left over, almost all the cake gone and children tucked in bed and asleep early, it must have been a good party.

Party Sources:
Moss mat, bunnies, blackboard tags, blue cupcake cases, scalloped boxes and drink dispenser from Little Red Chick
Lollipops, scoops, glass bottles from The Little Big Company
Straws, bunting, paper balloons, pink cupcake cases from Belles Familles
Wooden bucket and little white trolley from The Reject Shop
Cake clay decorations from ratbeankat

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Aria Restaurant

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Looking forward to visiting Matt Moran's new Chadwick Restaurant on Monday, we received a call from them that morning asking if we could dine at Aria instead. After contemplating re-scheduling to another day without the kids, we decided just to go and I'm so happy we took the girls. They were so well behaved and the staff are so wonderful with kids. A delightful relaxing lunch, we all came home with very full bellies and raving about the food (and the view of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge)

If you get a chance to visit Aria, do it.... we will definitely be heading back.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Simplicity 2599

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Fabric: Anna Marie Horner voile

You know when you are sewing something, and trying it on as it goes and you just know that it's going to come out fantastic and comfy and your going to love it? That's this top. I made it last year in black (with sleeves and ruffles) and it's such a comfortable top but I wanted a lighter version

Stash diving for something suitable I found a couple of meters of this voile and in an evening, one new top. Funnily enough I tried on a few very very similar tops while out shopping this week but didn't end up grabbing any of them, so this is perfect, just what I was looking for, without the $50 price tag and using a pattern and fabric already at home.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Frankie's Quilt

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Starting with plans for a quilt top of pieced hexagons, my version of a "scrappy quilt", the design quickly changed when I decided to make it for little Francesca/Frankie's 1st birthday with a fast approaching deadline. Frankie and Eva are "belly buddies", her Mummy and I were neighbours at the time,pregnant together and born just a week apart.

The end result I love. I wasn't sure the colours were right as I was working on it, but I was desperately trying to stick to using my stash (as little as it is), and all I purchased was the batting, the mushroom pink on the front and the grey at the back (at a whole $4/m during the last Spotlight sale).

Friday, March 16, 2012


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10 nights of sun, swimming, lazing by the pool, beautiful meals and lovely days in Fiji with my family for our first family holiday together. (No husband, the week long trip to your parents house back in 2008 SOOO doesn't count as a holiday).

Now back into the swing of it with plans in motion for Eva's 1st birthday next weekend. I did briefly consider just pretending my baby wasn't turning one, but the party planner in me got too excited about planning cake and treats.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Craft Group

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There was crocheting all around the table at a lovely cafe The Jack of Harts and Jude, some ends being sewn into a baby cardigan and awe over teeny tiny hexagons. Chatting, coffee, cake, and a deluge of cuddles for everyone from my two tag-a-longs, as eloquently put by Liam on the way home ... "Craft Group is awesome"...