Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Hat Parade

That time of year again, when the Mums all stay up late, surrounded by crepe paper, cardboard, plastic easter eggs and have to come up with a "hat" matching the grand design the kids have come up with for the school parade.

All I could think was next year I have to make TWO of these things.

Didn't we used to have to make these ourselves during school time when I was at primary school? Maybe I'll just put this one into storage and Liam can wear it next year, wonder if anyone will notice?


Ellyn said...

what a fabulous tradition! It reminds me of the mums we make the kids for homecoming in the fall. You did a great job mom!

The O's said...

Good Job Lisa, thankfully we only have the hat parade for the kindy classes... Love the chick! Year one apparently has to design and MAKE a strong item that is useable and made from recycled material... Amelia has come up with a coffee table using old car tyres and a sheet of glass... yeah, I can hear you saying 'good luck with that'!!

Belinda said...

At James' school the kids made them today in class. A friend and I were saying how much we liked it that way.... as we know we would get way too involved if we had to make it at home. Happy to hand over the supplies and see what they have created.