Friday, August 20, 2010

Quilt Label

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Nothing like deciding to a last minute addition to a quilt at 9pm the night before the birthday party. With no instructions.
I wracked my brain for 30mins for a tutorial I KNOW a blog I read has on embroidered quilt labels. Do you think I could find it? No. 30mins wasted.
So it might not be the "right" way, but it's on, says what I wanted and I managed to hand stitch it on without falling asleep first.

Progress... (not... v2)


My lovely neighbour is always loving trying to steal the quilts I have made for the kids so when I asked her what her cheeky little boy would like for his 3rd birthday and offered to make him his own quilt she was very excited. Probably more than him. Although I did show him the first block when I finished, to which he proceeded to ask me every 5mins afterwards if I'd finished it yet. Hopefully he likes the fabric, the feature fabrics are from Sprout and all of the others are from Amitie. The pattern is also from Amitie, Aunt Bec's 9 patch.

A commissioned doona (duvet) cover for a friend. She bought the gorgeous Heather Ross fabric and I did the rest... well I've done the front and next is the back and button holes... gah button holes. No pattern, I just kind of cut fabric, crossed my fingers and sewed.

and a hand stitched dinosaur for the front of a pillowcase for Amelia turning 5... meeting the requirements of black, pink and purple with a dinosaur I hope.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Progress... (not)

Finished the quilt... haven't photographed it yet.
Almost finished a doona cover for a friend in Heather Ross' Mendocino fabrics a week and a half ago. Then put it in a pile and haven't touched it since.
Crafty mojo in a slump.
Attempting to get some crafty inspiration by osmosis by reading other crafty blogs.

Thought I'd try forcing some mojo back, so pulled out this new Robot embroidery by Kristen Doran.

Small boy is claiming this as his own... not that I know what I'm doing with it when I'm done. Maybe something for his wall since his half of the bedroom is bare.

Meanwhile my little girl is growing up far too quick and has started her orientation days at her school for next year. On her first day she met her buddy and they did some crafty fun while Dean & I met the other parents, teachers, principal, librarian etc.

She can't wait to start school next year. Let's hope she realises she has to do more than make cool bead necklaces!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


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For mine and Isabella's birthday this year, my parents bought as flights to Melbourne and show tickets to see the new Mary Poppins production. Mum, Bella & I had a fantastic 3 days, shopping, watching the show, eating fantastic meals, and also visiting the Tim Burton exhibition.

The production was great, a few "additional" characters to the movie and a slight change to a couple of bits of the story was a bit strange but it was still brilliant. It wasn't a dance production at all but Isabella's favourite part was definitely the tap dancing during Step in Time by the chimney sweeps.

The Tim Burton exhibtion at the ACMI was amazing, the drawings and clay models brilliant. Bella loved the Batmobile and the costumes. Highly recommended...

Let's just pretend the 20mins trapped in an elevator at the hotel with the non-stop-talking-Isabella, my mother and a claustrophobic stranger didn't happen and it would have been perfect. Well that and the one cancelled flight, three delays pushing us back 3.5hours from our original departure time and circling Sydney airspace for an hour while they tried getting all the planes to land on the one operational runway since the wild winds had closed the other runways. We possibly could have walked home quicker than trying to fly.

Other than that... a lovely girls weekend.