Friday, August 20, 2010

Progress... (not... v2)

My lovely neighbour is always loving trying to steal the quilts I have made for the kids so when I asked her what her cheeky little boy would like for his 3rd birthday and offered to make him his own quilt she was very excited. Probably more than him. Although I did show him the first block when I finished, to which he proceeded to ask me every 5mins afterwards if I'd finished it yet. Hopefully he likes the fabric, the feature fabrics are from Sprout and all of the others are from Amitie. The pattern is also from Amitie, Aunt Bec's 9 patch.

A commissioned doona (duvet) cover for a friend. She bought the gorgeous Heather Ross fabric and I did the rest... well I've done the front and next is the back and button holes... gah button holes. No pattern, I just kind of cut fabric, crossed my fingers and sewed.

and a hand stitched dinosaur for the front of a pillowcase for Amelia turning 5... meeting the requirements of black, pink and purple with a dinosaur I hope.


Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) said...

Oooh you have been productie! I really like the dinosaur pillowcase too. :)

Ellyn said...

all are wonderful! love the sweet quilt.... great fabrics! Yay!

The O's said...

How cute is that dinosaur??! Amelia will love it and the colours are perfect for little miss fusspot... I think that pattern will be getting quite the work out!

Hannie said...

I LOVE the boys quilt with the fish and elephants VERY VERY much. That Heather Ross fabric is really awesome and I think the Dino will meet requirements very well, so cute.

Kind regards from The Netherlands,