Thursday, August 19, 2010

Progress... (not)

Finished the quilt... haven't photographed it yet.
Almost finished a doona cover for a friend in Heather Ross' Mendocino fabrics a week and a half ago. Then put it in a pile and haven't touched it since.
Crafty mojo in a slump.
Attempting to get some crafty inspiration by osmosis by reading other crafty blogs.

Thought I'd try forcing some mojo back, so pulled out this new Robot embroidery by Kristen Doran.

Small boy is claiming this as his own... not that I know what I'm doing with it when I'm done. Maybe something for his wall since his half of the bedroom is bare.

Meanwhile my little girl is growing up far too quick and has started her orientation days at her school for next year. On her first day she met her buddy and they did some crafty fun while Dean & I met the other parents, teachers, principal, librarian etc.

She can't wait to start school next year. Let's hope she realises she has to do more than make cool bead necklaces!


Ellyn said...

you'll get that mojo back! maybe you just need a little break. Love the robot!

Sophie said...

I have never been much into embroidery but....that robot looks pretty damn cool! Embroidery is something that I would love to learn how to do! Can't wait to see the finished result. Sophie

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Come back mojo! xox