Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Liam's Things

A new quilt for Liam for his upcoming 2nd birthday in late September. I'm in denial he is turning 2, anyone asks, he is still a baby and is not getting any bigger or older. But he can have a quilt for his birthday.

Getting a photo while children are awake is impossible. At least it shows how big it is, a full sized single bed.

Most of the fabric was from Amitie at the Craft & Quilt show a couple of months ago. No idea who any of the designers are since it was all fat quarters, but the others I used from my stash include Heather Ross' Goldfish, Amy Butler's Lotus Dots in Cherry, and Kaffe Fasset's Organic Dots. The thin border is a very dark navy and the sashing is called Tea Dye, both from Spotlight's homespun. The red and white striped binding also came from the Craft & Quilt show, love it!

For the quilting I machine quilted a large rectangle, stitched in the ditch around the dark blue border. Then I hand quilted with cream DMC Perle 8 thread some fish and bubbles. First attempt at hand quilting and I loved it! I actually figured out how to bury the knot too which was great. Gotta love YouTube when trying to figure things out.

My best attempt at binding yet. I am 100% happy with it. Quilters could do better I know, but for me, this came out perfect.

The back is this dark grey feathered-like fabric with a strip down the middle in a brick-like pattern. The quilted fish from the front come out beautifully on the back.

The pattern was called Town & Country which I grabbed from the show too, but I should have just made up the pattern because I really didn't use it. The pattern didn't explain EXACTLY what fabric needs to be cut how big and how to place it, so I basically opened the pattern, saw the two pages of instructions, one being a whole image of the finished quilt and packed it away and just started cutting.

Also for Liam from Lad & Lass picked up from the Mathilda's Market last month. He loves the Giraffe. Now he has his own artwork in their bedroom along with Bella's.

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