Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm backkkkk

9.5 weeks later, old laptop gone, new laptop arrived. Now that didn't take long did it? (Insert MAJOR sarcasm). Now to install all the software AGAIN.

Lots of catch up to come... starting with June...

A start on Summer outfits. These two dresses are from Oliver & S, but since they are just for play I omited the lined bodice and put in a zipper instead of buttons at the back. A little big (size 5) but by the time this growth spurt finishes, they should be perfect. I love the collars.

Bella's birthday prints up in their bedroom. It's an Aunty Cookie festival in the kids room, the blocks on Liam's side are from her too. Talented chick.

A holder for Bella's hairclips

More soon...

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