Monday, May 14, 2012

Sewing plans

Dresses seem to be high on my recent sewing. I haven't blogged them yet, but a nice pile has accumulated with a new Simplicity 6697, Simplicity 3506 and Simplicity 2648 in the past couple of weeks. There's also a Make It Perfect Uptown Girl jacket for Eva which is done, photographed and worn continuously... must blog that too.

With a few successful projects (I LOVE the 3506), the sew-jo has been boosted again, and I went searching through my pattern box to get out any patterns I haven't tried yet.

Simplicity 2896 (I was going to do the dress but I might try the pants) : Simplicity Cynthia Rowley 2586 (Version A)

Simplicity Cynthia Rowley 2443 : Simplicity Lisette 2246

I originally picked 2896 for the dress, but after reading some reviews I think I'll try and make my first pair of pants. 2586 I have made before but find the neckline too gapey, so I'm planning on making another in the version C in a smaller size.

Unfortunately I can't actually start any of the new outfits, I have no fabric! I have very very few pieces over 2m in length, and no knit fabric for the 2443 dress. The downside to not buying "stash" fabrics I suppose, I just buy when I know what I need it for. So looks like a road trip to some fabric shops is on the horizon...

While I'm planning some sewing projects, I've also got a little list going of patterns I want to get and try, but i'll need fabric for them too, except the Sorbetto top... 

Vogue 1247 : Vogue 1236 (sheesh Vogue patterns are expensive)
Simplicity 1800 : Colette Sorbetto

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Ellyn said...

oh bummer, a trip to the fabric shop! I know that will be torture for you. Enjoy!