Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Board Shorts

There's a new member of our family. She white, pretty quiet, and her name is Janome 644D. My early Christmas present from Dean and my Mum and Dad arrived yesterday afternoon and after a phone call to say she had arrived at 4.30pm, I literally threw the kids in the car and did a mad dash to the Janome store to pick her up.

I've realised lately that clothes sewing has come to a hault since mum's old overlocker stopped working. I have been dissapointed at spending so much time and effort neatly cutting and sewing to be left with messy seams. Now it's full steam ahead.

When we got home from the shop, a parcel was waiting from the super-lovely Gilly. Gilly posted some fabulous shorts she made for her little boy and when I emailed her asking where she got the board short material from, she offered me the leftover fabric from her pair. So after madly ripping open the parcel, Liam had a brand new pair of board shorts in about 30 minutes. And they have neat seams.

Pattern: Burda 9793 (Style C). Perfect for all the swimming we do. Now to make some more shorts, summer PJs, dress for me, PJ shorts for Dean....


Ellie said...

Overlockers are the bomb I so agree.

Enjoy your early Christmas present.

sweet limes said...

I've got a Janome too, you'll love thenew addition. Things like that can't wait to be opened Christmas morning, so I'm glad you didn't have to wait to pull it out of her box and start getting to know her!

Gilly said...

Congrats on the new machine and the shorts are awesome!