Sunday, June 7, 2009


I've been quiet here in blogland. You can thank HP for that, taking away my laptop for a very-faulty graphics card. I'm stuck on the PC which is nothing like plug-your-SD-card-in-a-built-slot and voila photos on your hard drive. No this requires software and a reader which is goodness knows where. So no photos of my fan-tab-ulous birthday haul, crocheting progress or latest sewing yet. Soon. Or well so I'm told.

I got my hands on some fabric last week. A fabric that was around before I started sewing and I fell totally in love but could never get any and refuse to spend US$40 a yard on etsy. Pfft. So thanks to a lovely lady in QLD I got my hands on 2 metres of it so cheap I can still hardly believe it.

It's going to be the main fabric for a quilt for my Monkey boy. Cute right?

I started off thinking a super simple plain fishies on the front and something on the back with edging.... (Photo from Flickr)

just like this. (Photo from Flickr)

But then I saw this super cute block, (Photo from Flickr)

and I have plenty of these Amy Butler dots I could use, (Photo from Flickr)

and I love the orange and the brown combo. Photo from Flickr.

and I still have a yard of these Kaffee Fasset Organic Dots which was the very first fabric I ever bought, and has Liam's name all over it and that would go too right? (Photo from Quilt Home.)

So now I'm all confused if I should go simple or more "quilty". Of course the other option is doing a doona cover which is probably more practical since we use Doonas for bedtime. But then Bella has a quilt and she uses it on the lounge in this cold-as-ice weather and Liam should have one too right? Oh someone help me with all these indecisions.

So while I decide I'm going to make cupcakes for my little Princess who has been with her Nanny & Poppy since Friday night and isn't back until tomorrow night and I'm forgetting what it's like to have her around the house!


Leah (mummy made it) said...

do the quilt Lisa, You sold me! You love this fabric, and you need to make it into a quilt for forever! with those gorgeous amy butler dots and some browns like you said!

catt410 said...

I have been in LOVE with that fabric to and like you refuse to pay $$$$$$.

Do the quilt.

Bek said...

I love Bella's quilt! I agree with the others, you make a cute patchwork, so this one will be great too.

B said...

Go more "quilty", I think it would play with the fabric much better. That being said, there is something to be said about a simple quilt, like that picture you showed that was nothing but strips of fabric. That is super cute. I've been thinking of doing something like that for my kids. And I think I'm in love with that fish fabric. It's so darling.