Thursday, November 6, 2008

An Opping We Will Go

My second ever succesful op-shop adventure today, the first was on the weekend when we found some books for 50c and $1 including a book from The Incredibles movie (Isabella's current fave movie) and a few sewing patterns for $2 each. Not alot but we were impressed with our finds.

Today on our way home from the shops we drove past a huge sale that the Salvation Army were having in a big car park. So quick u-turn and a park, loaded the kids into the double pram and off we went for a browse.

If you wanted old-style furniture you were in heaven, I wish we had more space cause I would have bought up the place, but I was restrained and came home with an ottoman for Liam to use as a seat and a handmade wooden dolls cradle.

The Ottoman has gorgeous fabric with animals on it, and while in perfect nick, it's a bit grubby. Rather than completely upholstering it I made up a slip cover so I can whip it off and throw in the wash when it gets yucky.

Just a big circle of fabric I had on hand that I sewed elastic under and then overlocked the edges. I couldn't make a casing like normal for elastic as I needed every inch of the fabrics width to make it fit. Pretty happy with the outcome!

Now to make a replacement matress cover for the cot and maybe a pillow and quilt. Best of all the ottoman was only $8 and the cot $15.

There was THE most adorable chair there for $45 that I kept circling around but I left it cause we just have no where for it. Maybe if I "happen" to drive by on Sunday and it's still there I'll have to "save" it. Does that sound plausible??

So much for working on Isabella's quilt today!


Cass said...

Wow great finds. Drop some hints about the suburb so we can have a hunt too LOL

LisaAnn said...

I love your finds! The cradle is adorable! I love it when I find patterns.

Stacey said...

That ottoman is great! Love the slip cover you came up with!

Unknown said...

Well done! The ottoman is adorable.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got such great deals! And you have such self-control! What a woman!

edward and lilly said...

The ottoman looks great with that cover on it, and yes, if the chair is still there you must get it!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog tonight (thru Curly Pops)and am in awe of how many items you manage to sew!!