Sunday, June 13, 2010

Welcome Winter

The weather has cooled down. Sitting under a blanket on the (new) lounge knitting away is where you'll find me almost every evening making the last couple of weeks very productive

Bring it On baby blanket in Pickles Extra Fine Merino in Milk, Latte, Frost and Granite.

Arwen Keyhole Scarf (Ravelry link) in Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran Cotton in Dew (for me, not child who *thinks* it's hers)

Buscke's Best Beanie for a newborn coming next week using Jo Sharp Classic DK in Porcelain with Bendigo Classic 8ply in Smoke and Bendigo Melody in Crimson.

Winter Femme in Bendigo Classic in Smoke

and finished today, a Milo vest for Isabella. I didn't do any cables but added a trim at the bottom by;

P1 row
* YO, K2tog repeat * whole way around
K1 row
P1 row
cast off

The sewing will be back though, I've got two quilts to make as soon as some fabric arrives.

Speaking of the new lounge... LOVE it

Delta Storage II from King Furniture in Viva leather in Cafe colour


Kate said...

Great couch and love all the knitting. Just bought the milo pattern - might need to copy your changes.

Leah (mummy made it) said...

your knitting is lovely, I esp like the scarf that bella is wearing.

Miss Moo said...

Lovely baby blanket, I've just looked up the pattern.

Ellyn said...

beautiful knitting. Something (as you already know) that I will NEVER master. I gave up! LOL & I can see why Bella wants Mommy's scarf! It's lovely

Anonymous said...

Lovely knitting!

B @ Sweet Limes said...

Wow, you are on fire!

Gilly said...

ooo love the nitting, love the couch and I love Iron Chef! Super jealous - I bet it was an ace night!