Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer PJs

While stuck at home waiting for a delivery this morning I got stuck into making some summer PJs for the girls with the knit fabric I picked up a couple of weeks ago.

The pattern I used is Alex & Anna Summer PJs, but I must admit the only thing I used was the pattern pieces, I didn't read ANY of the instructions (bad sewer!). I did read a note about them being a snug fit, and while I went up one size for the girls, they could get away with even an extra size up again, particularly the shorts. Although Bella does say they are comfy.
Summer PJs
Not a model this one... no fixing up that pant leg so it doesn't look wonky, it took 5mins of coaxing as it was to get up off the floor and she only did it when I promised a Charlie & Lola episode... the joys of Friday afternoons aka daycare days when she comes home exhausted and just wants to lay on the lounge with Mummy.Summer PJs Summer PJs
This one however doesn't mind the odd model pose... actually trying to get her to pose "normal" is the hardest part!
Summer PJs
Now my Bella is super-skinny and you can see these are a snug fit so if you do try making them, keep it in mind. I also added a couple inches to the bottom hem of the top for both, but I like long tops on the kids.

So my Spring project list is getting worked through, the Popover dress is cut out for Eva, and only some tees and shorts left to do. Thankfully a quiet Sunday is planned and hopefully I can sneak away to the sewing machine.

Projects Progress
Oliver & S shorts for Eva
Oliver & S popover Sundress-top for Eva
Hanami top for Eva
Hanami dress or Reversible Wrap top for Eva
Anna & Alex Summer knit PJs for Eva
Anna & Alex Summer knit PJs for Bella
Racerback dress for Eva
Banyan tee for Eva
Banyan tee for Bella

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