Saturday, June 2, 2012

Uptown Baby

Fabric: It's a Hoot Plaid Check in Pistachio and Sherbet Pips

The Good: Eva needed a nice warm coat for this bitterly cold Autumn we have had, and this certainly is warm. Needing only just over 1m of fabric for each side, it was perfect for attacking my stash and using the pretty Sherbet Pips fabric which I had kept for something for Eva. The sizing is spot on, the size one is perfect on Eva with enough length to grow a little and plenty of length in the sleeves, hence why they are rolled up. The construction is very basic, and an easy one to sew in one afternoon. I love that it is reversible. Being all cotton fabric, a simple throw in the washing machine and it comes up good as new minus the smooshed banana.

The bad: The pattern calls for 2m of H630 interfacing, and with a pretty limited interfacing stash I took to google to find some to order online. The first couple of online shops had it for $19 a METRE. There was no way I was spending $40 on just interfacing. After a quick Twitter post, and a suggestion from Kate (thanks Kate!), the interfacing idea was scrapped and I used some lovely low loft bamboo quilt batting I had. I just cut one of each piece again, then basted to the Sherbet Pips fabric. It is now so cozy warm. So other than the price of the required interfacing, the only other bad side was the instructions, they are very basic, but easy to work with.

Modifications: Just swapping the interfacing for the quilt batting. I made this a few weeks ago now and I vaguely remember I also topstitched somewhere that it didn't mention too... helpful, right?


Ellyn said...

adorable! The baby and the jacket. Nice work!

CurlyPops said...

2m of interfacing for a baby jacket? Surely that has to be a pattern mistake!
It's super cute.

AnnaPrasad said...

This is gorgeous, I love it!