Monday, June 4, 2012


Over the weekend I had a bit of a buff and polish of 'ye ole blog. The tutorials page has been added up the top as well as a few changes to the page. There is also a new memes page for the sew a longs I have done. Im not one to check my stats but with the new blogger interface its easy to see and caught my eye last week. I'm still surprised how many visits I get, especially since I get only a couple of comments here and there, but the tutorials pages are still very popular. I plan on updating these a bit with some new tutorials I have found so if you see any great tutorials, send them to me or just leave a comment with a link.. I love getting comments.


Ellyn said...

heehee you can always count on a comment from me! I have been making zipper pouches by the dozen using Sew Happy Geek's tutorial here
of course I made a few changes of my own but the tutee is terrific

Kel said...

I love reading along but am a slack commenter! Adelaide still has her little bead name tag on her bag (thanks) and I love coming here for tutorials.