Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Look 6697 #2

Pattern: New Look 6697

Fabric: Knit from Spotlight

Last time I made this dress I loved the fabric. I loved the fit. Except the chest. It gaped. Embarrassingly so. Eventually a few weeks ago I threw it out after a couple more attempts to wear it with a top underneath, but it just didnt sit right on the bust. So I decided to make another, this time using a grey knit from Spotlight.

The Good: The construction is easy, especially with this jersey instead of the slippery stuff I used last time. The sleeve version with small pleats is really nice detail.

The Bad: Instead of cutting out and just sewing it all together, I sewed the top half and the bottom halves together and then pinned the cross at the front and kept trying on and adjusting before I finally was happy that I wasn't going to be showing the hold world my chest and then sewed. Unfortunately by the time is was the right size across my chest, I have lost most of the looseness of the design around the waist. I haven't worn it yet, it's still sitting in the wardrobe waiting to be worn. I think one problem is this fabric isn't quite stretchy enough... maybe I'll try again. Or maybe I'll just give up on this pattern and try another wrap-style dress.

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Kate said...

Hi Lisa, Have you tried using clear elastic when you hem/face the front. I do it now with all my wrap stetchy things, make a huge difference.